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Full-Text Search Symbols for Content Search

Some strings used as full-text search criteria may conflict with the database server's list of "stop words" which return an error message. For example, refer to see "Oracle Text Supplied Stop lists".

Symbol Description Sample Search Criteria Sample Search Result


Returns search results that include each word specified. This is useful for indicating multiple terms. claim+fire Claim involving fire on 3rd floor
Second fire damage claim in four years
Purchased fire policy one month before filing claim.


Often referred to as a "fuzzy" search. Returns search results that include words with similar inflections, or forms. ?find The underwriter finds the details of the accident
The policy has been found to cover


Excludes a word from your search. Make sure to include a space before the - sign but not after it. claim -fire Claim involving 3 uninsured persons
Seventh claim in two years

" "

Matches the phrase in quotes exactly. This ensures that results are returned only when the words in quotes appear together. Using quotes only specifies that the spelling and spacing must be matched. The search is not case sensitive.
Tip: Use quotes when searching for a proper noun, such as a person's name or company name.


"San Francisco" Client is based in San Francisco.
The office in San Francisco, which received the FNOL

" " , + , -

This is an example of a search where several symbols are used in combination. "San Francisco" +litigation -expired The litigation that took place in San Francisco in 1999
  You can enter in several words without symbols, to search for instances of any words. If several words are entered but no symbols are used, then the search results include instances of each word by itself rather than all of the words together. San Francisco litigation Tracy Owens, at the office in San Antonio
Francisco Juarez, another witness
Before the litigation was complete

Note: For additional options that may be possible for you to use, ask your database administrator about text query operators.

Depending on your database server, there are certain items that you must avoid during a full-text search. These commonly used words, numbers, and letters are generally not keywords that would uniquely identify the record you are seeking.

Example Items to Avoid During Full-Text Search

Individual Numbers Individual Letters Common Words

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z


and or
a an the that this those
but if so
he she you we me it
his her your their my its
in to at on by of for with
before after between
am is was be has
who what when where how
also too

 Note: This list is not comprehensive because the actual behavior of the search depends on your database server and its settings. For more information, consult your database administrator.

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