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Matter Starter Dashboard

TeamConnect Business Intelligence provides a number of starter dashboards. These dashboards can be configured to meet your specific needs, as they may not work with your system without customization and you may need to remap certain fields depending on your data model.

The minimum version that supports this starter dashboard is TCBI 6.2.0 


The Matter starter dashboard shows the overall workload and is ideal for Matters home pages.


The Matter sample dashboard provides information on open matters based on matter type, main assignee, month, and state (physical geography).and includes the following widgets: 

Open Matters by Primary Type shows the breakdown of opened and reopened matters by primary matter type.
Note: Matters that start as one matter type but are converted to litigation later are classified by their original matter type.

Matter-Dashboard-Open Matters by primary type.png

Open Matters by Main Assignee shows the breakdown of opened and reopened matters by the primary assignee. Use this widget by clicking on the pie piece with an assignee's name. The other widgets on the page will reflect additional matter information based on the main assignee you select. 

-Matter-Dashboard-Matter by assignee.png

New Matter by Month/Matter Type (Trailing 12 Months) shows the number of matters opened in each of the last 12 months, broken down by primary matter type. At a glance, you can see the amount of matters and matter types that are opened each month. Click a piece of the bar graph to dig into the details of that specific matter type, and the other widgets on the screen will reflect information about the matter type you've selected.

Matter-Dashboard-New Matter by Month Matter type.png

Open Matters by State is a US map that shows opened and reopened matters by the state as designated on the Matter / General Info tab. Click any state in this widget and the other widgets will reflect relevant matter information that is specific to that state.

Matter-Dashboard-Open Matters by State.png

Matter Summary (Reports page only) is a table that displays a list of matters including their dispute number, name, category, opened date, current phase (open or reopened), primary assignee, and primary key. Like all widgets on this dashboard, this report will filter to show only matters matching the selected criteria and can be exported to Excel or PDF. The matters displayed in this table will reflect the matter information that is selected in other widgets. For example, if you click on a state in the above widget, then the matters in the table will show matters for that certain state. 
-Matter-Dashboard-Matter Summary.png

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