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Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts provide an alternative to a mouse for navigating on a page.

In most fields in TeamConnect, you can still use the common shortcut keys that you normally use in other applications. TeamConnect also provides its own access keys.

Note: The plus (+) signs indicate that the three keys should be pressed at the same time. You do not have to press the plus sign (+) key on your keyboard.

Be aware of the following limitations:

  • On the Home Page, you cannot move portal panes around using the keyboard.
  • The Recent Items drop-down menu is not keyboard accessible.
  • The Screen Designer Tool uses drag and drop functionality and is not keyboard accessible.
  • Record snapshots are not currently accessible.

Commonly Used Access Keys

The table below describes some commonly used access keys on the keyboard and in a browser:

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut keys



Selects everything on the screen or in the field.

Tip: To select all in a field, first place the focus on the field that contains the desired information.


Copies the selected data.


Opens the Find dialog box where you can enter the text you want to find. This is useful when you are not familiar with the layout of a screen or tab.

Points to Remember:

  • When you are looking for the value of a field, make sure that the screen is in Read-only mode. The command is unable to find values in most fields when the screen is in Edit mode.
  • When you are looking for the label of a field, the screen can be in either Read-only or Edit mode.
  • The system searches only the currently displayed tab or screen. To find a value in a record, you must open each page or screen separately and search within it.


Pastes the selected data.


Cuts the selected data.


Moves between fields on the screen, typically from left to right, according to the pre-determined tab order.


Moves backward to the field or button that, according to the Tab order, comes before the currently selected field or button.

Up and Down arrows

Selects the desired option in drop-down boxes, multiple-select fields, and radio buttons.

Enter key

Submits the form or triggers the desired action.


Select/Deselect check-boxes.

Using Firefox

If you are using Firefox, the following applies:

  • When TeamConnect provides a Browse button to locate a file, users are unable to use the Tab key to place the focus in the blank browser results box. This is because this box is populated with a filename that you select while browsing; users are unable to type in the box.
  • Use the ALT + Shift + <key> sequence to move around.

Web Browser Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys



Move back to a previous page. Typically appears as a back arrow in your browser's toolbar.


Move forward to a previous page. Typically appears as a forward arrow in your browser's toolbar.


Update the contents of the current page. Typically listed under the View menu as Refresh or Reload.


Stops the page from loading content or halts an action. Typically appears as an X in your browser's toolbar.

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer, there are specific instructions to access functions associated with buttons on the toolbar, such as the New or Save buttons. See Using Internet Explorer for more information.

Using Keyboard Features

TeamConnect provides additional features to provide full keyboard accessibility and better interaction with assistive technology. Specifically, these features let you use the keyboard to make selections from drop-down lists and list boxes.

You do not need to enable accessibility to use these features.

Using the Safari Browser

If you are using the Safari browser, to use the TAB key to set focus, it is recommended that you change your preferences as follows: Open your Safari browser, select Preferences, and then select Press tab to highlight each item. Restart the Safari browser for the changes to take effect.

Making Selections in Drop-down Lists

In all drop-down lists, you can use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to scroll through the items.

To make a selection in a drop-down list

  1. Press the TAB key until the focus is on the appropriate drop-down list, for example, the per page area in the bottom right corner of a list view.
  2. Press the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to select the desired item in the list.
  3. When the selected item is in the box, select one of the following actions:
    • If there is no action attached to the selection, click the TAB key to continue to the next field.
    • If an action is attached to the selection, press the TAB key to advance to the Go button, and then click ENTER to start the desired action.

Making Multiple Selections in List Boxes

You can make multiple consecutive or non-consecutive selections in list fields without using a mouse.

To select consecutive items from a list box

  1. Press the TAB key until the focus is on the appropriate list box.

  2. Use the UP or DOWN ARROW key to move within the list to the first item.
  3. Press and hold SHIFT.
  4. Use the UP or DOWN ARROW key to move to the last item you want from the list.
  5. Release SHIFT.

All of the consecutive items, including the first and last items, are selected.

To select non-consecutive items from a list box (IE browsers only)

  1. Press the TAB key until the focus is on the appropriate list box.

  2. Press SHIFT+F8 to activate the multiple select capability.
  3. Use the UP or DOWN ARROW key to move within the list to the desired item.
  4. Press SPACEBAR to select the item.
  5. Repeat these two previous steps to select additional items. All of the desired items are selected.

TeamConnect-Specific Access Keys

Note: These keys do not translate to the Apple/Mac operating system. Certain browsers may have their own shortcut keys that will override these functions. For more information, review the shortcuts preset by your browser.

Shortcut combination keys allow you to access certain commands in TeamConnect. The action is usually executed when you press a key on the keyboard, such as the ENTER key.

The key combinations may vary based on the browser and operating system that you use. Typically, shortcut keys combine the ALT key or CTRL key with other keys. The use of access keys depends on the browser. For example, in Internet Explorer, access keys are used with the ALT key to give focus to the control, and the ENTER key usually activates the control.

Tip: Shortcut keys appear in small tool-tips when you place your mouse cursor over the control. For users of assistive technology, your software will announce this information.

The tables below describe the commonly used TeamConnect shortcut key combinations based on the way that you are viewing the screen. If necessary, substitute the ALT key with the appropriate key for your browser and operating system.

Record List Screen

Shortcut keys



Create a new record.


Printable View.

Record Edit Screen

Shortcut keys



Save and close.




Open the online help.


Hides and collapses the left pane.


Creates a new record on the list screen.


Create a group appointment or create a company contact.

Note: This shortcut key is context-sensitive and work s based on the type of record that you have open, for example, Appointments or Contacts.


Printable View.




Save and view.


Cancel and view.


Cancel and close.


Create a copy.



Record View Screen

Shortcut keys




Using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

If you are using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, use the following information to access the drop-down multiple- function lists in the tool bar, such as the drop-down lists associated with the New or Save buttons.

To access drop-down lists on the tool bar

  1. Press the shortcut keys that take you to the desired function key. For example, press Alt + S to go to the Save button.
  2. Press the TAB key to activate the associated drop-down arrow, and then click the ENTER key to open the drop-down menu.
  3. Press the shortcut keys that move you down the list to the desired menu item, such as Alt + C to select Save and Close.
  4. Press the ENTER key to complete the action.

NOTE: If the button has a terminal action as a default (for example, Save and Close) then pressing the shortcut, Alt + C, will close the current window. If the desired action is a different option in the multiple-function list associated with the button (for example, Save, Alt + S), then the button must be accessed by tabbing to it via the keyboard, then performing Steps 2 through 4 listed above.

Additionally, you can use the Internet Explorer browser options to change the size of the text in TeamConnect.

Using Chrome

If you are using Chrome, then the shortcuts can be invoked using the Alt+<letter> combination using either uppercase or lowercase letters for all but the Edit function.
For the Edit function, an uppercase “E” must be used (ALT+SHIFT+e).  

Using Firefox 

If you are using Firefox, then the shortcuts must be invoked using uppercase letters (ALT+SHIFT+<letter>).

For drop-down multiple-function list buttons in Firefox, the shortcut for the default action for the button will only highlight the button. Press the ENTER key to complete the action. For actions that are in the drop-down list but are not the default, the ENTER key is not required. 

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