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Enabling Accessibility Mode

Use the General page of user preferences to provide additional accessibility options for those with vision impairment or difficulty using the mouse.

The Go Button

In some drop-down boxes in TeamConnect, selecting an option automatically performs a page refresh, which makes it impossible for keyboard users to select an option. When you enable accessibility mode, a Go button appears next to certain drop-down lists. This allows you to press the Up and Down keys to navigate the drop-down list, then press the Go button to refresh the page.

To enable keyboard accessibility mode

  1. On the global toolbar, click Preferences. The Preferences General page opens.
  2. In the Accessibility section, click the Enable accessibility mode check-box.
    A Go button appears next to all drop-down lists where you make selections that change the way information appears on a screen. You can tab to the drop-down list, use the arrow keys to select the appropriate option, and then press the Tab key followed by the Enter key on your keyboard to start the action.
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