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Maintenance Settings


Maintenance Settings

The Maintenance link in Admin Settings displays a page that you can use to set up advisory messages warning of upcoming periods of system maintenance, during which TeamConnect will not be available to end users.

There might be no values in the fields on this page. You need to enter values only when a maintenance shutdown is approaching. There are two kinds of advisory messages:

Maintenance Notification messages appear when a user starts a session. These are intended for longer-term advisories when a shutdown is not imminent.

Shutdown Alert messages appear, brightly highlighted, at the top of every page of a user's session. These are intended to warn the user that shutdown is imminent and they should save their work and log out immediately.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 4.11.50 PM.png

Maintenance Settings




Enter the date at which the maintenance shutdown will occur. You can type the date, or you can click on the calendar icon to select a date.


Enter the time at which the shutdown will occur. Select a time from the drop- down list.


Enter the text of the advisory message to be displayed to users.

Display before shutdown (days)

Enter the number of days before the actual shutdown. During these days each user who logs in will see the advisory message in a separate window whentheir session begins. Default is 7 days.

Display before shutdown (minutes)

Enter the number of minutes before shutdown. During this period the advisory message will appear, highlighted, at the top of every page in a user's session. Default is 30 minutes.

Once the date and time have passed, TeamConnect will stop issuing advisory messages. However, the values in these fields will persist until they are manually erased or changed in the future.