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An instance of a System Object or Custom Object in TeamConnect, created and accessed in the user interface.

Record Security

Access protection set at the level of individual object records. For example, you can make a Record Private or Public or you can grant or deny the rights to read, update, and delete a record to other Users or Groups. This level of security can be set only on the Security tabs of individual records in the end-user interface. This is the lowest level of access rights. All rights assigned at this level take effect only if the appropriate rights are assigned at the object level.


In TeamConnect workflow process, an attempted operation by a user that is initially pending approval before the original operation can complete.


In a TeamConnect workflow process, a user who performs an action that triggers an approval process, such as posting an invoice. The request is sent to approvers according to the approval route that is defined for that workflow process.


In TeamConnect workflow process, a user who reviews an approval request. An approver designates the reviewer for a request.


Access permissions to records (categories, custom fields) and functional areas in TeamConnect. In TeamConnect, access rights are applied to enforce record or system security, preventing users from viewing or changing records/settings they should not be able to access. Rights are assigned to Group accounts.


In TeamConnect workflow process, a defined hierarchy of groups whose members' Approval is required to authorize a requested operation. It is an approval path that can consist of one or more nodes, called Stops, that can contain one or more Members who can approve or reject the operation. Routes are used for the Workflow purposes, to control the actions that take place in your business processes.


TeamConnect allows you to create rules that control whether the operations attempted by users are in accordance with your business processes. A rule is triggered when the operation is attempted, and the Qualifiers are checked to determine what should occur. For example, rules can ensure that certain Custom Fields are filled out if a particular Category is selected.

Approval rules postpone the operation until all members in the approval process, or Route, have approved the operation.

Rules written using Java class files or JavaScript can also perform Automated Actions when they are triggered.

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