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Admin Area User Interface

This section describes the common elements that are found on application pages under the Admin tab.

The Account Administration section includes descriptions of how to manage user and group accounts. From the Admin tab, open the Users list page by clicking the Users link, or open the Groups list page by clicking the Groups link.

The System Administration section includes descriptions of how to manage system settings and how to manage system and audit logs. From the Admin tab, open the Admin Settings General page by clicking the Admin Settings link. Open the Logging area by clicking the Logging link.

Group Rights Pages

From a group record, the System Rights and Category Rights pages use a View drop-down list to filter the Permissions you will see on the page's body. Details on Group Rights functionality can be found on the Hierarchy Overview of Group Rights.


For example, if you select the User Rights option from the View drop-down list, the resulting list of rights will apply globally to records and areas that are typically accessed by end users.

Otherwise, if you select Account from the View drop-down list, the Permission list will refresh with a list of rights specific to account records.


For more information, see Understanding Rights and Assigning or Viewing Group System Rights.

Admin Settings General Page

From the Admin tab, Admin Settings link, you can configure certain system settings. There are multiple pages from the Admin Settings area that are labeled by function. For example, you can configure general settings, email-related settings, search results settings, etc. In addition, you can view the application version number (About page) and record notes about changes you make to Admin Settings (History page).


Save Options

When working with user or group records, the Save button on the upper left area of the page has a drop-down option that allows selection among four save options. The default setting for this option can be determined by administrators as outlined in Setting up the User Interface.

If you click or hover over the drop-down arrow, as shown at the right, the following choices for saving will appear:

  • Save & Close will save the record, then close the record's page and return you to the previous page you were working on.
  • Save will save the record but leave the record in edit mode.
  • Save & View will save the record, then present the record in view-only mode.
  • Save & New will save the record, then open a new record.

If the label on the Save button is already the choice you want, simply click the button. If not, click the drop-down arrow on the right edge of the button and make your choice from the list that is shown there.

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