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Overriding Authentication for Individual Users

Now that a default plug-in has been configured, you must override the authentication method for each user account that requires a non-default method. (Users whose authentication matches the default method do not require any overrides.)

For details on settings on the user account screen, see Creating or Editing Users.

The example below presumes that your default authentication method is not LDAP, but some individual users do need to authenticate through LDAP. The steps described are similar no matter which method you are using to override.


To configure an individual user account to use LDAP authentication

  1. Click the Admin tab.
  2. Click the Users link under the tab bar.
  3. Open the desired user account.
  4. From the Authentication drop-down list on the General page, select LDAP TeamConnect Authenticator. The screen refreshes and all fields regarding TeamConnect passwords are removed since a user who is authenticated through LDAP does not need a TeamConnect password.
  5. Click Save.
    LDAP authentication configuration is completed.

The next time the user logs in to TeamConnect, even though the TeamConnect login screen is presented, he or she is actually authenticated through LDAP.

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