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TeamConnect O365 Add-In 4.1 Release Notes

Release Summary

Clients who use appointments in the Plugin now have the option to upgrade to the O365 Add-in, facilitated by the newly established migration workflow to move appointments from the Plugin to the Add-in. The migration process involves the end user uploading their datastore file, after which a provisioned TeamConnect Admin executes the migration.

Please avoid concurrent usage of the  Office Suite Plugin and Add-in.  It is vital users stop using and uninstall the Office Suite Plugin (for Outlook) after the datastore file has been uploaded and before the end users start using the Add-in. Concurrent usage will cause data issues such as duplicate appointments, deletion of data within appointments, etc.

Please be advised that clients using Tasks in the Plugin should arrange their upgrade after the November 2024 Release.

New Features

Admin Functions (for detailed instructions, please refer to the Admin guide):

Office Suite Migration and Migration Status Objects in TeamConnect Setup:
In the TeamConnect setup, there is now a custom object named "Office Suite Migration." TeamConnect Admin will need to access to complete the migration AFTER each user uploads their datastore file.
Tracking Code: TC-51002

Office Suite Admin Group Setup:
Any TeamConnect administrator can be designated to the "Office Suite Admin" group, granting them the requisite permissions to proficiently manage the Appointment Migration module within TeamConnect. The Group's ID is "OfficeSuiteAdmin".
Tracking Code: TC-51119

Migrate Datastore Files:
Provisioned TeamConnect Admins can now migrate all uploaded datastore files, which moves appointments added in the Plugin to the Add-in.
Tracking Code: TC-50957

Migration Results:
Detailed information about the status of the migration can be viewed under the “Migration Results” tab. Any migrations that fail or partially fail can be rerun using the "Retry Migration" option.  
Tracking Code: TC-50958, TC-51273

End User Functions (for detailed instructions, please refer to the user guide):

Appointment Migration from Plugin to Add-in:
Users can now migrate existing appointments from the plugin to the Add-in in TeamConnect.
Tracking Code: TC-50956

Office Suite User Group Setup:
Users can now be assigned to the dedicated group named "Office Suite User" which has been established for end users to migrate their appointments added in the Plugin to the Add-in.  The group's ID is "OfficeSuiteUser".
Tracking Code: TC-51003

Appointment Migration Status in Office Suite Module:
Users in the Office Suite module can easily track the status of their Appointment Migration process from plugin to Add-in, ensuring a smooth transition.
Tracking Code: TC-52336

What to Expect

To maintain optimal system performance, it is recommended to execute the migration process during off-peak hours. Below is a breakdown of approximate run times for hosted clients These estimates are intended to serve as a reference for planning and managing the migration process effectively and may vary depending on your setup, volume of data, etc.

Data Volume

Migration Run Time

1 datastore file w/ 100 appointments

59 s

5 datastore files w/ 100 appointments each

4 m 15 s

20 datastore files w/ 100 appointments each

17 m 58 s

10 datastore files w/ 1000 appointments each

1 h, 26 m 25 s

These estimates serve as a reference for planning and managing the migration process effectively.