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6.3.5 Known Issues

This is a living document that will report Known Issues at the time of a release and add new issues as they are reported. This document will also share the patch plan for reported issues.

How to Use this Document

This document does not reflect all client cases submitted through Support and recorded in Salesforce. This lists reflects the cases that have been escalated to Engineering for further action. Client cases that have been escalated to Engineering will be in one of four categories:

SOH - Support Office Hours - tickets that are escalated where Support needs assistance from an Engineer to find a solution. Some SOH cases are moved into the queue for a bug fix. Some are closed through other means like a workaround, configuration change, etc.

QAQ - these are tickets escalated from Salesforce or SOH that likely need a bug fix. In this stage, Engineering is vetting the ticket information and verifying a bug fix is the right solution.

SUPPORTPRI - QAQ tickets get escalated to the SUPPORTPRI bucket when we’ve determined that a fix is required to solve the problem, the ticket information is good and we can reproduce the issue.

TC - Regression bugs logged by internal teams for a fix. These are typically low priority otherwise they would have been fixed before the release went out.

NOTE: If you, the Client, do not see one of your cases here that you believe needs to be escalated to Engineering, please reach out to your Support representative.

Issues Reported against TCE 6.3.5

(if reported on a 6.3.5 patch, it will be listed under the tracking code)

Tracking Code Reporter Issue Patch/Update Release Date Status
SUPPORTPRI-65678 Client Slow performance of custom search when using interactive grids with multiple dropdown fields that have numerous values TCE 6.3.5 Patch 21
TCE 6.3.6 Patch 5
TC-43462 Client Slow performance of invoice details line item grids when using interactive grids on large invoices TCE 7.0 Patch Bundle 1 12/05/22 Released


Client Global Search highlighting shows Social Security number TCE 6.3.5 Patch 8
TCE 6.3.7
TCE 7.0
Description: We have discovered an issue with this new feature where any system field where a search hits will be displayed and highlighted in the search results. This may include protected fields like social security number (SSN). Because SSN is highly sensitive, it has been removed from highlighted results in TCE 6.3.5 Patch 8. Please consider an upgrade if you are concerned about this exposure.
TC-41439 Internal Missing 'Edit' column in the Custom Search result display. TCE 6.3.6 4/29/22 Released
Description: For Custom Search, the edit column will not be included in the search results on TeamConnect user interface (for display tables). This behavior doesn't change with respect to the admin configuration for the CustomSearch search view for the 'Edit' column.
SUPPORTPRI-65664 Client Conditional List fields do not have a type ahead     Not Scheduled
SUPPORTPRI-65517 Client TeamConnect > Cache Corruption > Matter Assignees disappearing, then when they reappear, no Primary Assignee is selected TCE 6.3.3 Patch 23
TCE 6.3.5 Patch 18
TCE 6.3.6 Patch 8
SUPPORTPRI-65499 Client Assignee in Global Search results is incorrect when the search includes a middle character with a period, such as a person's initial TCE 6.3.5 Patch 21 10/29/22
SUPPORTPRI-65346 Client Rule BaseConditionExceptionEvaluator fails to properly compare values if left argument hsa more than 1 record Fixed with SUPPORTPRI-63293
TCE 6.3.4 Patch 3
TCE 6.3.5 Patch 17
TCE 6.3.6



SUPPORTPRI-65332 Client Remove Object Definition from TC UI - prototype left in code TCE 7.0 9/29/22 Released
SUPPORTPRI-65296 Client Contact update rules are executed when user or contact-centric project is deleted     Not Scheduled
SUPPORTPRI-65280 Client Validation rule does not work with 'is/not beings with 'qualifier' TCE 6.3.5 Patch 19 9/24/22 Released
SUPPORTPRI-65215 Client Instance was too slow while approving invoices and loading reports TCE 6.3.5 Patch 15 10/19/22 Released
SUPPORTPRI-65180 Client Invoices tied to AFA matters cannot be approved by users who do not have 'View Admin Settings records' rights CSM 6.3.1 Patch 2 9/22/22 Released
SUPPORTPRI-65172 Client Exact tag match applied to search results when search result isn't exact match TCE 6.3.5 Patch 21 12/29/22 Released
SUPPORTPRI-64592 Client Page scrolls to top after searching and selecting through search box     Not scheduled
6.3.5 Patch 6
Client "Record out of sync" appears when creating and modifying an appointment through Outlook TCE 6.3.5 Patch 11
TCE 6.3.7
TC 7.0
Workaround: Create the task or record in TeamConnect first.
SUPPORTPRI-64475 Client CSM sync fails when Contact Centric Objects are added on custom objects and are added to E-billing roles CSM 6.2.6 Patch 2
CSM 7.0
6.3.5 Patch 3
Client Excel doc format is not in proper alignment while exporting the custom search results.     Not Scheduled
SUPPORTPRI-64305 Client After uploading a document to a matter "&amp" is added to file name. TCE 6.3.5 Patch 21 12/29/22 Released
SUPPORTPRI-64268 Client Search take a long time when the interactive grid is enabled. Fixed with SUPPORTPRI-65678
TCE 6.3.6 Patch 5
TCE 6.3.5 Patch 21



Workaround: Use classic grid.
SUPPORTPRI-64152 Client Trying to save a search view on Finance or Invoice tab with condition "has no value", it is changing it to "is" automatically TCE 6.3.5 Patch 10
TCE 6.3.6 Patch 1+
TCE 6.3.7
TCE 7.0
SUPPORTPRI-63813 Internal Prevents leaking web service calls from the Outlook plugin TCE 6.3.5 Patch 6
TCE 6.3.7
TCE 7.0
Description: Implements a TeamConnect side version check for Appointments and Tasks that compliments to version check in the Outlook plug-in. This prevents Appointments and Tasks from getting updated when TeamConnect and Outlook are out of sync.

Workaround: Office 3.3.0 Patch 3 addresses the issue on the plugin side that's pretty sound but does not have the backend check as a backup catches anything that may slip through.
SUPPORTPRI-63701 Internal Create, read, update, search and delete operations for Non-US tax features on 4.x API TCE 6.3.7
TCE 7.0
Description: Making changes to Non-US tax currently require using 3x API which adds to cost of implementation. Any implementation where client has to deal with Non-US taxes, implementing them via. 4x API will be helpful.
SUPPORTPRI-63700 Internal No way in 4.x API to bypass the rule exception for a particular transaction TCE 6.3.7
TCE 7.0
Description: In 3.x API, we have UnitOfWork uow = FNClientSessionManager.acquireUnitOfWork();uow.setProperty(UnitOfWorkProperty.DO_NOT_RUN_RULES_ON_UOW, "true"); method to bypass rule execution for a transaction. In 4.x API - this method is missing.
SUPPORTPRI-63699 Internal No API Class in 4.x API for CustomBlocks to call a method in Java without refreshing the page TCE 6.3.7
TCE 7.0
Description: For dependent drop-downs, currently page reloads everytime we change the value in drop-down. This will enable dependent drop-down to work without the need for reloading the page.
SUPPORTPRI-63698 Internal No Method to get Phase name for a custom object record in 4.x API TCE 6.3.7
TCE 7.0
Description: In 3.x API, we have TNProject.getCurrentPhaseType().getName() method - this is missing in 4.x API.
SUPPORTPRI-63697 Internal No API for Approvals/Workflows in 4.x API     Enhancement Removed
Description: In 3.x API - we have RNApproval, GNAppvStore, which are missing in 4.x APIs. These can be helpful to automate the approvals based on pre-defined business logic.
SUPPORTPRI-63695 Internal Method to remove user from a group in 4.x API TCE 6.3.7
TCE 7.0
Description: In 3.x API method com.mitratech.teamconnect.entity.YNGroup.removeUser(YNUser arg0) is used to remove user from a group. This is missing in 4.x API.
QAQ-8147 Client Auto-populate feature SUPPORTPRI-63525 fixed in:
TCE 6.2.8 Patch 4
TCE 6.3.3 Patch 13
TCE 6.3.5 Patch 10
TCE 6.3.7


Details: This ticket is a duplicate of SUPPORTPRI-63525 which was fixed in several versions - listed above. The QAQ was closed as Incomplete. The full title is "Auto populate feature missing for custom search object module"
QAQ-8155 Client Embedded object data field issue. The selected date is showing a day after we click on add for Time Zone Independent field. SUPPORTPRI-55250
TE 6.3.3 Patch 12
TCE 6.2.7
TCE 6.3.4


Details: This is a duplicate of SUPPORTPRI-55250 which was support on TCE 6.1.2 and will be fixed in the releases noted above.
QAQ-8179 / SUPPORTPRI-65031 Client Security rule does not evaluate correctly: rule includes an "assignee list" with a "not equal to" operator that is compared to the current username TCE 6.3.5 Patch 19 9/24/22 Released
QAQ-8190 Client Invoices tied to AFA matters cannot be approved by users who do not have "View Admin Settings record" rights Fixed with SUPPORTPRI-65180
CSM 6.3.1 Patch 2
CSM 6.3.5 Patch 5



QAQ-8194 Client Encountering system error after using a design export from TC with SSO setup     Issue being evaluated by Engineering
QAQ-8269 Client Exact tag match applied to search results when search result isn't exact match Fixed with SUPPORTPRI-65172
TCE 6.3.5 Patch 21


QAQ-8330 Client Validation rule does not work when using the operator "Not - Begins with" Fixed with SUPPORTPRI-65280
TCE 6.3.5 Patch 19


QAQ-8334 Client Contact update rules are executed when user or contact-centric project is deleted     Issue being evaluated by Engineering - SUPPORTPRI-65296
QAQ-8416 Client Instance was too slow while approving invoices and loading reports Fixed with SUPPORTPRI-65215
TCE 6.3.5 Patch 15
10/19/22 Released
QAQ-8562 Client Conditional List Fields do not have Type Ahead     Issue being evaluated by Engineering - SUPPORTPRI-65664
QAQ-8525 Client Assignee in Global Search results is incorrect when the search includes a middle character with a period, such as a person's initial Fixed with SUPPORTPRI-65499
TCE 6.3.5 Patch 21
12/29/22 Released
SUPPORTPRI-65758 Client 'Reason for Adjustment' list when reverting adjustments does not have type ahead     In Review
SOH-3819 now QAQ-8338 Client Left navigation icons not picking colors applied in color profile     Considered by feature team in color profile project.
SOH-3856 Client TeamConnect > Cache Corruption > Matter Assignees disappearing, then when they reappear, no Primary Assignee is selected Fixed with SUPPORTPRI-65517
TCE 6.3.3 Patch 23
TCE 6.3.5 Patch 18
TCE 6.3.6 Patch 8



SOH-3867 Client Invoice interactive grids stuck on loading after upgrading to 6.3.5     Closed - Workaround
Workaround: Client removed Timekeeper field from 'All Line Item' search view and now the interactive grid is loading.
SOH-3888 Client Rule is firing when nothing is changed on the record     Closed- Client Unresponsive
SOH-3896 Client SAML SSO - Hosted client unable to authenticate, throws 'bad credentials' error     Closed - Configuration Change
Solution: Updated the SAML settings in Okta. The SSO URL was pointing to the wrong URL.
SOH-3952 Client Global Search error for normal user     Issue being evaluated by Engineering
Description: An error ( A system error has occurred )is generated when using one of the limited privilege accounts with limited permissions, attempts to use the global search bar.
SUPPORTPRI-65031 Client Security rules when evaluating against an assignee list do no evaluate correctly TCE 6.3.5 Patch 19 11/24/22 Released
SOH-4132 Client User unable to create Audit Rule due to History Description Item Type     Pending Engineering Review
SOH-4122 Client Users unable to check out documents using document search     Closed- Workaround
Workaround: Provided workaround of adding the File Size column in the search views.
SOH-4118 Client WRM/iManage tab under a matter takes too long to load     Closed- Client cancelled
SOH-4094 Client While using the budget creation tool the client is unable to fetch relevant information     Closed- Workaroud
SOH-4092 Client Documents are not retrieved from CSC-SOP Fixed with SUPPORTPRI-65800
SOP Manager 5.1.1 Patch 10



SOH-4085 Client Loading an interactive grid takes a long time which is leading to session timeout     Resolved with a configuration fix
SOH-4081 Client Cost Center mapping is not visible in UI and data is not populated in database     Closed- Client cancelled
SOH-4077 Client When client attempts to edit the order of Search Views using the Manage List option, some of the changes are not updated as expected.     In Review
SOH-4069 Client Interactive Line Items > Adjustments do not save intermittently Fixed with SUPPORTPRI-66199
TCE 6.3.5 Patch 21



SOH-4061 Client Legal Hold portal link directs to Legal Hold splash page     Closed- Client resolved
SOH-4055 Client Unable to approve budget requests. Error shows "Cannot allocate a negative or zero amount. Pleaes enter a non-zero amount." Error happens inconsistently.     Closed- Cannot reproduce
SOH-4049 Client Wrong user recorded in 'Changed by" field in Export Design Changes tool     Resolved - Workaround
Workaround: Create a custom rule that would prevent somebody from changing the integration user’s permissions in the application.
SOH-4045 Client Unable to connect to DW in TC 6.3.5     Resolved - this was due to a field being marked for reporting called "Class".
SOH-4036 Client Error (fiscal year must be continuous) while created Fiscal Year for 2023     Issue being evaluated by Engineering- Need to be raised as QAQ.
SOH-4032 / SUPPORTPRI-65549 Client Appointment Edit issue with matter registered in Deadlines TCE 6.3.5 Patch 21 12/29/22 Released
SOH-4009 Client Client is unable to login to TeamConnect from Outlook plugin     Closed - Add license and URL to General tab of admin settings
SOH-4003 Client Workflow route condition is satisfied but the destination stop is still skipped     Closed- Workaroud
Workaround: Updated the conditions on top of the sequence in the Invoice Approval Workflow route as a workaround.
SOH-3947 Client Issue with interactions on date fields - when a block has interactions on date fields, the interactions are not according for null value when the record is created.  


Ticket moved to a new workflow with a new number to investigate further- Cannot reproduce
SOH-3993 Client Import design changes pre-check validation not working     Closed- Configuration fix

Known Issues marked as Won't Fix

These issue were deemed low user path/low priority. If you see an issue in this list that affects your team, please contact TeamConnect Support.

Tracking Code Reporter Issue Patch/Update Release Date   Status
TC-38909 Internal Auto resize of column when user enters the date/value to perform the column filter       Won't Fix
1. When the date filter is applied, the column resizes automatically, so when the filter is cleared out, the date filter points to the nearby Column.
2. When I search a string, the column resizes. This is again similar to the behavior of the date filter.
TC-39084 Internal Column headers overflows while performing drag and drop of column       Won't Fix
TC-39952 Internal After performing column filter/table search, open any one of the filtered results and then clicking on Next/Previous button navigates the user to all the records instead of filtered data.       Won't Fix
TC-39979   User is able to drag and drop the columns by clicking on Aggregation cell (present in footer row) in search results       Won't Fix
TC-39901 Internal Navigating to any other tab/page and then back to the search displays the modify search screen instead of search results       Won't Fix
TC-40394 Internal

1. Clicking on the Clear All Filters button removes all the filters along with single and multi-sort applied on the table but multi-sort configuration in the Sort Columns window still displays.
2. Also, the sort sequence of the default sorted column will be reversed.

      Won't Fix
TC-40370 Internal Single sort is not working as expected after doing multisort.       Won't Fix
Description: When single sort is performed on the column after multi-sort, the data in the column is sorting only in ascending order.
TC-40781 Internal Support for Hindi for filtering on numeric & date column       Won't Fix
Description: 'No data found' error message is displayed if the user searches for Hindi numberal data in the column filter that is available in the interactive grids. This behavior is observed only for numberic and date fields.
TC-40790 Internal Exported PDF doesn't show the text in aggregation same as the table       Won't Fix
Description: Unsupported locale text in the export PDF is not the same as shown in the table for few locales like Chinese (Taiwan)/Hindi.
TC-40858 Internal Drag column is getting sorted while performing a drag-drop in Firefox browser       Won't Fix
Workaround: Perform the sorting again.
TC-40949 Internal When there are no records in the table after applying filters on select type, rearranging the columns doesn't retain selected filter (dropdown)       Won't Fix
Workaround: Click Clear All Filters button
TC-42043 Internal Sort and Multi-sort not working for a specific locale i.e. South Korea       Won't Fix
TC-40887 Internal Column sorting highlight is not displaying when you hide a Sorted Column > do a drag and Drop > show the Sorted column       Won't Fix
Workaround: Click Reset Columns button and then perform the sorting.
TC-40919 Internal Performing filters via calendar field for different locale       Won't Fix
Description: When we filter with any date (On, From-To) and click on any key, the selection gets updated to present date. However, the filter records are not getting updated based on the present date.
TC-40934 Internal Number/Currency Sorting on Budget Page Section is as per String Sorting       Won't Fix/Essentials Only issue
Description: Columns like Balance, Total Used, Total Allocated, Total Accruals are to be sorted as per Number Sort.
QAQ-8029 Client Scheduled action failing on org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.XSSFCell.setCellType(I)Vmethod       Not a Bug
QAQ-8143 Client User Audit Rule capturing excessive changes to "UUserLongSetting"       Solved with Configuration Change
Solution: Add qualifier condition as follows: 
Left Argument: Current Object .longSettingList     Operator: Not item Added
Left Argument: Currect Object .longSettingList     Operator: Not item Deleted
Left Argument: Current Object .longSettingList     Operator: Not item Modified
QAQ-8151 Internal Validation rules when evaluating against an assignee list do not evaluate correctly.       Not a Defect
Resolution: Rule is on "And" condition in qualifier so all qualifiers must be satisfied for the rule to trigger.
QAQ-8214 Client While performing Mass Edit, users are shown an internal server error page.       Won't Fix / Moved to SOH
Workaround: Users can ignore the error screen and wait until the mass edit is done.

This ticket was closed and moved to SOH - Support Office Hours. The SOH ticket was reported against TCE 6.3.6. Engineering is helping client optimize their rule. Update will be available in 6.3.6 Known Issues.
QAQ-8290 Client Issue with color profile after upgrade       Duplicate
Details: This issue was closed as a duplicate of QAQ-8294. QAQ-8294 was reported against TCE 6.3.6. That ticket is being evaluated by Engineering and will be listed in TCE 6.3.6 Known Issues.
QAQ-8351 Client User has the ability to see documents attached to records that they do not have access to.       FAD
QAQ-8403 Client Validation rule does not work when using the operator "Not - Equal to" with left argument group membership list's group unique key       Duplicate of QAQ-8330 listed above
SOH-3876 Client Client cannot authenticate via custom SSO       Closed - no response from Client
SOH-3901 Client Unable to approve the workflow in TAP due to invalid error in primary key       Won't Do
This ticket was moved to TAP support. Issue on TAP side.
SUPPORTPRI-63696 Client Method to get non US tax code list from LineItem in 4.x API       Duplicate


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