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6.3.4 Known Issues

This is a living document that will report Known Issues at the time of a release and add new issues as they are reported. This document will also share the patch plan for reported issues.

How to Use this Document 

This document does not reflect all client cases submitted through Support and recorded in Salesforce. This lists reflects the cases that have been escalated to Engineering for further action. Client cases that have been escalated to Engineering will be in one of four categories:

SOH - Support Office Hours - tickets that are escalated where Support needs assistance from an Engineer to find a solution. Some SOH cases are moved into the queue for a bug fix. Some are closed through other means like a workaround, configuration change, etc.

QAQ - these are tickets escalated from Salesforce or SOH that likely need a bug fix. In this stage, Engineering is vetting the ticket information and verifying a bug fix is the right solution.

SUPPORTPRI - QAQ tickets get escalated to the SUPPORTPRI bucket when we’ve determined that a fix is required to solve the problem, the ticket information is good and we can reproduce the issue.

TC - Regression bugs logged by internal teams for a fix. These are typically low priority otherwise they would have been fixed before the release went out.

NOTE: If you, the Client, do not see one of your cases here that you believe needs to be escalated to Engineering, please reach out to your Support representative.

Issues Reported against TCE 6.3.4

(if reported on a 6.3.4 patch, it will be listed under the tracking code)

Tracking Code Reporter Issue Patch/Update Release Date Status
TCE 6.3.4 Log4j Remediation 
Client Global Search Index Tool > Records added when the Object is being Indexed does not show up in the 'Records processed count'      Not Scheduled
SUPPORTPRI-64344 Client Unable to approve/reject via email without changing the format of the approval email to plain text first TCE 6.3.4 Patch 9 7/29/22 Released - Client Only
SUPPORTPRI-63293 Client Invoice will not Post if more than 1 Invoice Approvers are assigned TCE 6.3.4 Patch 3
TCE 6.3.5 Patch 17
TCE 6.3.6
SOH-4089 Client Reindexing Contact on Global Search Index Tool on SIT not comleting     Client requested ticket closed. Pursued a different approach
SOH-4057 Client Security risk of jquery-migrate v1.2.1     Upgrading this library requires more changes than expected. Not to resolve the issue.
SOH-3987 Client Global Search 500-Internal Error     Issue was resolved on its own, client asked to close the case.
SOH-3846 Client Unable to update the security for any object     Resolved by fixing Accessibility Mode Configuration
SOH-3745 and QAQ-7837 Client My Pending Approvals not opening SUPPORTPRI-61838
TCE 6.3.3 Patch 4
TCE 6.3.4 Patch 4
TCE 6.3.5

Fixed with SUPPORTPRI-61838

QAQ-8600 Client User is getting logged out once they click on documents side menu bar     Solution provided. Client confirmed to close the case.
QAQ-8129 Client Can't use Global Search after installing TCE 6.3.4 Patch 1     Patch build reissued
Known Issues marked as Won't Fix

These issue were deemed low user path/low priority. If you see an issue in this list that affects your team, please contact TeamConnect Support.  

Tracking Code Reporter Issue Patch/Update Release Date Status
QAQ-8312 Client Client is unable to view the full description in history tab of a matter     Won't Fix - Not a defect
SOH-3987 Client Global Search issue (500-internal error)     Resolved on its own
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