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6.3.6 Known Issues

This is a living document that will report Known Issues at the time of a release and add new issues as they are reported. This document will also share the patch plan for reported issues.

How to Use this Document 

This document does not reflect all client cases submitted through Support and recorded in Salesforce. This lists reflects the cases that have been escalated to Engineering for further action. Client cases that have been escalated to Engineering will be in one of four categories:

SOH - Support Office Hours - tickets that are escalated where Support needs assistance from an Engineer to find a solution. Some SOH cases are moved into the queue for a bug fix. Some are closed through other means like a workaround, configuration change, etc.

QAQ - these are tickets escalated from Salesforce or SOH that likely need a bug fix. In this stage, Engineering is vetting the ticket information and verifying a bug fix is the right solution.

SUPPORTPRI - QAQ tickets get escalated to the SUPPORTPRI bucket when we’ve determined that a fix is required to solve the problem, the ticket information is good and we can reproduce the issue.

TC - Regression bugs logged by internal teams for a fix. These are typically low priority otherwise they would have been fixed before the release went out.

NOTE: If you, the Client, do not see one of your cases here that you believe needs to be escalated to Engineering, please reach out to your Support representative.

Issues Reported against TCE 6.3.6

(if reported on a 6.3.6 patch, it will be listed under the tracking code)

Tracking Code Reporter Issue Patch/Update Release Date Status
SUPPORTPRI-65168 Client Unable to view logs from a different node when running a clustered setup     Not Scheduled
SUPPORTPRI-64735 Client 'View Scheduled Actions Folder' button not navigating to the Scheduled Actions folder TCE 6.3.6 Patch 2
TCE 6.3.8
SUPPORTPRI-63979 Client "Start date must be before end date" message is displayed in Scheduled action Rule 'Action' page even with no end date     Not scheduled
SOH-3934 Client While performing Mass edit, users are mislead to internal server error page     Resolved thru rule improvements
QAQ-8490 Client Documents being uploaded on object records getting certain characters returned     In queue for Engineering
QAQ-8474 Client Exporting search results gives error for currency field in involved party of the dispute     In queue for Engineering
QAQ-8456 Client The page action Button "Change Phase" is showing phase names out of grid and not showing horizontal scrollbars     Issue being reviewed by Engineering
QAQ-8452 Client Page action button alignment is not proper with matter name     Will be moved to code fix queue
QAQ-8355 Client Unable to view logs from a different node when running a clustered setup     Pending Engineering Review
Workaround: Click the download button and get logs for both nodes in the zip file.
QAQ-8294 Client Issue with color profile after upgrade | Change in heading font, html UI elements break when minimizing     Closed - Workaround
Workaround: Issue resolved when client reuploads .less file
QAQ-8171 Client Dates are being automatically incremented by 1 day even though they are not being changed during an edit SUPPORTPRI-63559
TCE 6.3.5 patch 13

Duplicate of SUPPORTPRI-63559
QAQ-8399 Client Global Search error when user does not have system or admin settings rights     Issue being reviewed by Engineering
SOH-4030 Client REST GET on object with limited user missing rights throwing PDE, causing 500 response     In queue for Engineering
SOH-4028 Client The matter search screen takes time to display but still it never displayed the search screen     In queue for Engineering
Known Issues marked as Won't Fix

These issue were deemed low user path/low priority. If you see an issue in this list that affects your team, please contact TeamConnect Support.  

Tracking Code Reporter Issue Patch/Update Release Date Status
QAQ-8364 Client Global Search throwing error     Won't Do - Ticket is incomplete
QAQ-8210 Client Screens are readjusting multiple times while checking-in and checking-out documents     Won't Do - Not a defect
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