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Setting Global Styles

Toy can overwrite the default font face and specify the desired font face and style (bolditalicunderline) to be applied globally to all text on form fields.

To set Global styles:

  1. Click the Global styles button in the Designer toolbar.
    TAP - setting global styles (image 1).jpg
    • A drop-down options dialog displays.
  2. Select the Overwrite default styles check box.

    • The Font and style fields are inactive until the Overwrite default styles check box is selected.

  3. Select the desired default font face from the Font menu; ArialGeorgiaTimes New RomanTahomaVerdana or Lucida.
    • The system default Font selection is Arial.
  4. Select the BoldItalic and/or Underline check boxes, as desired.
  5. Click the Save button to save your changes and close the dialog.


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