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TAP Release Notes

This page details the bugs that were fixed with the TAP release.


Resolved Issues

The following items have been resolved in the TAP release. Each issue is documented in the following format:

  • Issue: A brief description of the bug that was fixed.
  • Tracking code: Internal tracking code for Mitratech folks to reference.
  • Salesforce case number: Curious if a bug you reported was fixed? Copy your Salesforce case number and search for it on this page.


Issue: The file extension is cut off and will not open from the saved location when a client downloads any signed document that has special characters (i.e. a foreign language).
Internal Tracking code: TAPSUP-670
Salesforce Case number: 2019-0220-508880


Issue: Duplicate records appeared on the dashboard when a new user was added to the collaboration stage.
Internal Tracking code: TAPSUP-646
Salesforce Case number: 2019-0222-509598


Issue: Users could not enter the 65 digit Salesforce Secret (key) because the field for this information in TAP only accepted 50 characters.
Internal Tracking code: TAPSUP-580
Salesforce Case number: 2019-0218-508103


Issue: The Prepopulation workflow setting was not being saved in an imported workflow.
Internal Tracking code: TAPSUP-544
Salesforce Case number: 2019-0214-507490


Issue: User received error when trying to submit an NTR workflow from the designer. 
Internal Tracking code: TAPSUP-537
Salesforce Case number: 2019-0208-506180


Issue: The Workflow Request ID number was not displaying in the Thank You page after a user submitted a workflow. 
Internal Tracking code: TAPSUP-494
Salesforce Case number: 2019-0128-503402


Issue:  Error occurred when user tried to navigate to the Theming page.
Internal Tracking code: TAPSUP-479
Salesforce Case number: 2019-0125-503139


Issue: A manually created dashboard filter worked when it was initially created, but all records were removed from the dashboard view when user tried to save the filer. 
Internal Tracking code: TAPSUP-307
Salesforce Case number: 2018-1206-494319


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