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TAP Release Notes - this page is for drafting only don't ever make public

This page details the bugs that were fixed in the release.


Resolved Issues

The following items have been resolved in the TAP release. Each issue is documented in the following format:

  • Issue: A brief description of the bug that was fixed.
  • Tracking Code: Internal tracking code for internal Mitratech folks to reference.
  • Salesforce Case Number: Curious if your bug was fixed? Copy your Salesforce case number and search for it on this page.


Issue: Conditional currency fields did not trigger correctly in a workflow if a value equal to or greater than 1,000,000 was entered in the form.
Internal Tracking Code:  TAPSUP-873 
Salesforce Case Number: 2019-0328-517543

Issue: Workflows that were canceled appeared as Terminated on the dashboard.
Internal Tracking Code: TAPSUP-796
Salesforce Case Number: 2019-0318-514709

Issue: Popup links did not work if the language was set to anything other than English.
Internal Tracking Code: TAPSUP-794
Salesforce Case Number: 2019-0314-514098

Issue: When using the document builder, field values appeared in the actual field when the document generated. 
Internal Tracking Code: TAPSUP-793
Salesforce Case Number: 2019-0311-512900

Issue: The Preview Document function only appeared for one-time-use rather than being available every time a document was edited. 
Internal Tracking Code: TAPSUP-791
Salesforce Case Number: 2019-0304-511333

Issue: Due to a wrong parameter name in the query, drop-down search results were being mapped to the option values instead of the unique labels that a client would set.
Internal Tracking Code: TAPSUP-789
Salesforce Case Number: 2019-0313-513604

Issue: Overlap occurred on pages within the application when clients used custom HTML and had pinned filters on a page.
Internal Tracking Code: TAPSUP-508
Salesforce Case Number: 2019-0125-503140

Issue: User was unable to initiate a workflow using anonymous access.
Internal Tracking Code: TAPSUP-540
Salesforce Case Number: 2019-0212-507120

Issue: User was unable to add a new AdobeSign account to their TAP site.
Internal Tracking Code: TAPSUP-545
Salesforce Case Number: 2019-0129-503663


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