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eSignature Splitters

Splitters are your holding stages for e-signature relationships, and can ensure that workflows are not initiated until such time that some action is taken on the e-signature transactions. Learn how to set a splitter up and how to leverage the e-Signature statuses at the relationship levels.

What is an eSignature Splitter?

The eSignature Splitter is first and foremost a property that is required after each and every eSignature Support relationship. If you design a workflow with an eSignature Support relationship, you must include an eSignature Splitter. 

The Splitter functionality is used to designate a stage as an eSplitter stage. When designating a stage, a user must always reference a specific eSignature relationship. This relationship should be the one that is connected to and leading into the stage which they are designating as the eSplitter stage. Once a stage is designated as an eSplitter stage, any relationships leading out of this stage will have eSign conditions applied to them instead of field conditions. Essentially, an eSplitter designation allows a user to route from that stage based on document status (Signed, Cancelled, Bounced, Expired, etc.) instead of field values. 

An eSplitter stage also allows the workflow to pause while a document is being sent for signature. When an eSplitter stage is reached in a workflow, the workflow will not progress until the status of the associated eSignature document has been updated. Once the status has changed, the workflow will route down the pathway that corresponds to the document's new status.

esignature splitter graphic.PNG

How to Configure eSignature Splitter

1. It is only possible (or, for that matter, sensical) to configure eSignature splitters after an esignature support relationship. 

2. To set up eSignature Splitter, select the stage that follows your eSignature relationship. Then, in workflow properties, select "eSignature Splitter."

esignature splitter click.PNG

3. After selecting eSignature Splitter, a drop down will appear. The options of this drop down will be identical to the name of every eSignature support-enabled relationship in your workflow. 

4. Select the option such that your eSignature Splitter is enabled to react to the eSignature Support relationship that most immediately precedes it. 

5. Click update. 

Note: There can only be one eSignature Splitter for every eSignature relationship. You cannot have multiple eSignature Support relationships intersect with an eSignature Splitter stage. 

Use Cases

  • All true eSignature relationships will require an eSplitter stage, since this allows the workflow to pause during document signature and progress once the status of the document has been updated.

  • Signature steps where a user wants to route differently based on whether a document was signed or not. Splitter stages can route down a separate pathway for unsigned documents so that a user can send the document again within the same record, instead of needing to initiate a new record.

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