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How to use CSS (style sheets) in a TAP Workflow

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) allows you to change the look and feel of your end form for a selected workflow stage. This means you can exactly match a desired style to meet website and branding guidelines. 

Watch an overview of CSS for TAP: Video 


To Apply CSS go to designer > workflow > desired stage > click on stage property CSS and upload the style sheet. 

attach CSS.PNG

Once you upload the file you can choose if style should be applied to the thank you page and if it should show for registered users, anonymous users, or both. This option is particularly useful when using anonymous access and embedded forms. CSS attachments can be associated with the class of user (anonymous or registered) accessing the form.

With CSS you can change: 

  • Size
  • Color
  • Placement
  • Margins
  • Visibility (hide items) 


Download a Default TAP CSS file here This includes additional notes in the file. You can customize this to your company and brand specifications.

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