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Email Settings

Email settings allow you to define email notification in the workflow from a more global level.

What are Email Settings?

Emails are configured at the relationship level within a workflow. However, some of the settings related to general email configuration can be set from the Options tab of the Workflow Builder. These email settings allow the workflow designer to determine the ‘From’ address for the email, as well as to define users who should be CC’d or BCC’d on every email notification. These settings can also be determined locally within the notification, but the Email settings function lets the designer configure all these values at once.

Configuring Email Settings

  1. Navigate to the Options tab in the Workflow Builder.
  2. Select Email Settings Email settings from the toolbar.
    • The Email settings dialog displays, from which you can select the appropriate email roles.
      Email Settings
    • Each email role drop down lets you select a role that has been previously defined in your workflow.
  3. Use the From email roles drop down to select the role (email address) from which all emails in the workflow will appear when sent to individual users.
    • For example, if you determine the From email role to be a registered user named John Smith, whose email address is, then all workflow participants will receive notifications regarding the workflow from
  4. CC email roles and BCC email roles determine if there are any roles in the workflow that should be CC’d or BCC’d on every notification that is sent out. To configure these options, select the appropriate role(s) from the drop down menu(s).
    • Note that while these settings can be determined globally using Email Settings; they can also be defined locally for an individual email within the notification.
  5. Click the Save button on the Email settings dialog to save your Email Settings and close the dialog.
  6. Click the Save Workflow Save workflow button to save your workflow.
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