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Adding a New User in TAP

New users can be added individually from within the application or by importing a CSV file of user information. To create a new user account, one should have super admin access.

In TAP navigate to Administration > Users >  New User.

Type the user's email address in the Login field on The User Details screen. user2.png
Enter the First Name and Last Name of the user in the fields provided. Then enter the Password and Confirm Password. User3.png
The Locked check box is used to indicate that an account has been locked as a result of five failed login attempts and should be left unchecked when creating a new user account user4.png
Click on the Assigned roles multi-select field and select one or more roles  based on your business requirement, like User or Super admin role.  user 5.png
Click on the Assigned departments multi-select field and select one or more departments to the user based on your business requirement. Department refers to a group of users who perform a similar role within the application.  user6.png
If this user will have access to an e-Signature account, use the e-Signature Connection drop-down to select the user ID that they will use to log in to the e-Signature application. It can be an Adobe or a DocuSign connection. user7.png
You can add information in the generic fields for a user or create a new generic field. To create a new generic fields  go to Field Definitions > select New field > enter Field code and Field label. Generic fields are used to pre-populate text fields using user data or populate drop down with user data. user 8.png
Click on save and you will return to the main Users screen and new user will be displayed in the list.  


For more information about adding a new user click here: Administration and Permissions

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