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Questions and answers from the "Reducing Outside Counsel Spend Using eCounsel" Webinar hosted by the Mitratech Client Success Team

When rejecting an invoice, can the vendor see who the approver was that rejected it?

No, you should always include your name, date and details of the rejection in the vendor comments box when rejecting the invoice.

Can vendors see/or get notifications on adjustments I make to the invoice?

The vendor cannot see when you’ve manually adjusted or made any changes to invoices. The Best Practice is to reject the invoice and include the correction in the vendor comments box. If an adjustment must be made manually, you will need to communicate that message to the vendor separately.

Can I have approvers based on matter type?

Yes, if you use the invoice routing rules process, you can have them based on matter type. But if you are using out of the box features, you can only route in the order you have your approvers in the matter player tab.

Can you use both the out of the box functionality for invoice routing & the Rules Configuration File? Or do you have to use one or the other?

You must use one or the other.

I don’t see an option to add widgets to my home screen.  

If you don’t see the “Personalize Homepage” option, your admin has set it up so that you can’t change it.

Can I see invoice numbers from the “Invoices Awaiting my Approval” Widget on the Home Page?

No, the widget will show the date of the invoice and the vendor.

How do you get the system to avoid the duplicate invoice rule when rejecting invoices?  For example, when firm resubmits invoice it will auto reject the invoice.

The system will disregard the Invoice Duplicate Check Rule if the "Disabled" checkbox is checked in the Rule Parameters.  However, disabling the rule will disable it for ALL invoices.  When firms resubmit invoices, they should be using a suffix to the Invoice Number such as "-A" or "-REV" to indicate that the invoice is a revision of the originally submitted one.  This is best practice and will prevent the resubmissions from being rejected as duplicates.

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