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Accounts Payable (AP) 

Funds owed by a company to vendors for services purchased. As a premium feature, eCounsel integrates with AP systems to import payment information for invoices into eCounsel and export posted invoice information to the AP system. 


In terms of invoicing, distribution of the cost of services among entities that are responsible for payment. 


In terms of invoicing, confirmation that the billed services are accurate and payable by the client company. 

base currency 

In terms of invoicing, the currency selected by the company as the currency in which they do business. 

billed currency 

In terms of invoicing, the currency in which an invoice is billed to the company. This currency may or may not be the same as the company’s base currency. 


A control that performs an action. Point the mouse over a button and click the left mouse button to activate a button. 

Calendar Push 

An action configured by the System Administrator in Suite Manager to allow specific data from fields on a tab to populate certain fields in the calendar. 


An action used in Microsoft Windows. Press and release the left mouse button without moving the mouse pointer. 

date range filter 

A checkbox that allows an inclusive date range to be specified in order to narrow the display of a grid. Records that have a start and/or end date that falls within the range will be displayed. 


In terms of invoicing, a deduction from a bill either as a percentage of the fees incurred or as an amount to apply to the invoice. 


Mitratech’s total practice management system designed exclusively for today’s corporate legal department. Optimized for Intranet access, eCounsel provides the technological framework to help you decide how legal dollars, time, and people are best managed. eCounsel is optimized to handle a large distributed corporate environment spanning multiple offices, cities, and continents. 

Enhancement Request 

If an active Internet connection is present, selecting this option will take you to a page on the Mitratech Website that provides an area to request changes or enhancements to a future version of the Suite application.

entity types 

A categorization for entities in Secretariat. 


In the Calendar module, any meeting, court date, etc., may be classified as an event. 


A preconfigured search that limits the records displayed on a page. 

foreign currency 

In terms of invoicing, any currency other than the company’s base currency. 

Hot Add 

Functionality that allows you to enter an individual or entity without exiting the current record. When you click the Hot Add button, a wizard provides step-by-step instructions. Suite creates a record using the basic information entered through Hot Add. The dialog box includes an option to immediately save the record and open it in a new browser window to review the new record and enter additional information. 


A hyperlink is a word or phrase, underlined and in a different color, that you click to go to a module, a location in Help, an Internet or intranet site, page, or other location. 


A bill for services rendered in regards to a legal matter. 


Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES). 


Selections available in dropdown lists or multi-select fields. 

matter types 

A categorization for matters in eCounsel. 


A legal cause of action. 

menu bar 

Contains various menus that, when clicked, will display a dropdown list of options or commands. 


The components within Suite. For example, Matters in eCounsel and Entities in Secretariat. 

Most Recently Accessed (MRA) 

Provides a shortcut to the records on which you have most recently worked. Click the link to open the record. 


Performing a task without suspending or disturbing normal operations. 

primary contact 

An area on a matter’s Base Info tab that displays the primary legal and primary client contacts for a matter. This information is linked to the Player tab in the Matters module. 

private matters 

Matters that have been restricted to specifically designated users only. 


A data structure that is a collection of information, each with its own name and type. A record can be accessed as a collective unit or the elements can be accessed individually. 


An action used in Microsoft Windows. Press and release the right mouse button without moving the mouse pointer. 


RTF – Rich Text Format, or RTF for short, is a type of file that includes the commands that define document formatting for easy transfer between operating systems and most word processor programs. The fonts must still be loaded on the computer in order to be available in the document. 


Designed specifically for the corporate secretary and used in more than 700 corporate legal departments worldwide. Secretariat is the most complete and successful solution for the Corporate Secretary. 

security attributes 

Different settings that restrict access to certain functionality within Suite. For example, widget access may be restricted for certain users. 

service providers 

A third-party data provider for information that populates the Lobby widget. 


Makes real-time key corporate information available anytime and anywhere the Internet reaches. You must have Secretariat installed to use this product. 

system date 

The time and date kept by the operating system. 


The categories of information within a module. For example, the Entities module has a tab for basic information and another for contact information. 


In terms of invoicing, any money paid to the government for transaction-specific goods and services. 

timed out 

A system administrator activated feature. Invoices not approved within a specified number of days are automatically passed to the next approver. 

type profiles 

Information that is applied to all users of Suite to customize the interface dependent on the type of matter or entity being created or modified. 

view profiles 

Information that is applied to specified user groups to customize the look-and-feel of Suite.


A modular, independent user interface element that may appear on the home page of a Suite application. A widget may display any of the following: 

  • data from the Suite database (matter list, favorite reports, alerts, etc.) 
  • data from a third-party database 
  • a Web page on the Internet/intranet 
  • an RSS feed 
  • a BLOG 
  • a collection of Web URLs 
  • a map with clickable links 
  • a report 
  • a chat interface 
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