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Using the Interface

When entering data in eCounsel, many repetitive actions may occur. To aid you in productivity, most eCounsel pages are configured so that pressing the <Tab> key moves the cursor to the next data entry field. Pressing <Shift>-<Tab> moves back (to the left or upward).

For date fields throughout eCounsel, simply type “t” to enter today’s date.

In addition, certain keyboard combinations, called shortcut keys, allow you to click buttons solely through the keyboard without having to use the mouse. On a page, press and hold the <Ctrl> key to view a list of shortcut keys for the page. For example, pressing and holding the <Ctrl> key on the Entities List page, opens the following dialog box with a list of shortcut keys that are available for the page:


Additionally, any button that has a shortcut key will have the letter to press in combination with the <Ctrl> key underlined on the page. For shortcut keys that require you to also press the <Shift> key, a letter is underlined with a dotted line. In the example below, press <Ctrl>-n to create a new entity. Press <Ctrl>-<Shift>-x to export the grid contents to Microsoft Excel.


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