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Using XML Mapper

The first step to using the XML Mapper is to define a data import or export event by creating an XML map file. Data to be imported into Suite from an outside source must be provided in a format that Suite can understand. This data must be output into a standalone XML document, and a correlating XML map file must be created to translate the XML format into Suite’s data tables.

Next, the task is imported into Suite using the Scheduler component of Suite Manager.

  • For data import or export events that are to be run as a scheduled event (such as nightly), Mitratech provides generic tasks that can be used to schedule the event using the Scheduler component of Suite Manager.
  • If the data import or export is trigger-based (i.e., a certain action within the database causes data to be imported or exported), then customized scripts must be created that define these triggers.

Each task contains a parameter that points to the corresponding XML map file to be used for the import/export. Import tasks also contain a parameter defining a file server location for retrieving source files, whereas export scripts define a file server location in which generated files will be created.

Once the tasks are in place, the Scheduler executes the defined data import/export events. Once the data has been imported into the system, the Scheduler removes processed files to prevent data from being imported again the next time the task is executed. The Scheduler does not manage export files; it is the responsibility of the client to independently move or rename processed export files.

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