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Dynamic Filters

Within Suite, default filters are listed on the Filters tab for almost every module. The default filters for each module are those most commonly used. These filters can be edited to meet your company’s needs or new filters may be created.

Dynamic SQL macros created by Mitratech that can be used in the dynamic filters include the following:

SQL Macro





Substitutes today’s date.



Substitutes the most recently used record(s).



Substitutes all invoices that have been approved.



Substitutes all invoices in the logged in user’s queue to be approved.



Substitutes all people/entities that have been assigned to a matter based on the insurance policy being viewed. This macros should only be used for the Insurance tab in the Matters module.



Substitutes all people/entities that have been assigned to a matter.



Substitutes the events (tasks/appointments) to which the logged in user is an invitee.



Substitutes the user identifier for the logged in user.



Substitutes the login name for the logged in user (does not add quotation marks around login name).



Substitutes the person identifier for the logged in user (substitutes −1 if the user is not associated with a person record).


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