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Smart Link is used for workflow rules, notifications/alerts, and integration between data sources. Smart Link is a third-party product powered by the IntApp Communication Appliance, a product of Integration Appliance, Inc. Smart Link also may be provided for a Virtual Machine as a VMware image.

The purpose of the device (which can be provided for a Virtual Machine as a VMware image) is to enable easy integration between data sources as well as facilitating workflow and notification. Smart Link features a cause- and-effect style rule definition paradigm configurable through an easy-to-use GUI. With this device, it is possible to create many complex workflow and notification rules as well as integrations with other software with much less of the time and cost involved using traditional customization methods. A detailed technical whitepaper can be provided by Integrated Appliance upon request.

Smart Link is used for the following purposes:

  • Event-triggered communications – The database is monitored for certain events that trigger the system to generate e-mail notifications to users and/or other interested parties.

  • Integration with other database applications – Data can be accumulated and compiled with related data from other databases or data can be populated from one database to another.

  • Automated data updates – The database is monitored for certain events that trigger the system to create or modify other records within the database.

Through virtualization technology, Smart Link is offered as pure-software, deployable on standard hardware. Delivered as a “virtual appliance,” Smart Link provides the benefits of a vendor-supported operating environment and the scalability, flexibility and capability enabled by virtualization technology.

Virtualization Software Requirements:


  • VMware ESXi, ESX 3.5+
  • Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2+

Per Instance/Image:

  • 4GBofmemory
  • CPU resources equivalent to 2 GHz
  • 55 GB of available disk space

For organizations without an existing virtualization infrastructure, Smart Link is compatible with VMware’s freely available enterprise-class server virtualization product, ESXi. Available at, ESXi is pre-installed on many standard servers, and is certified against hundreds more. For the current list of certified hardware, see:

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