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Why is a user who is inactive in eCounsel still active in Mitratech Document Vault?

Inactivating a user in eCounsel does not inactivate the user in Mitratech Document Vault. The vault administrator must deactivate the account using the Administrator Tool in M-Files. In addition, if the associated person in eCounsel is inactive or has been deleted, the vault administrator must perform the same action in M-Files.

Why is my eCounsel user not created in M-Files?

If a person in eCounsel is associated with multiple users in Suite Manager, the integration is not able to create the correct user/person association in M-Files. Contact your eCounsel administrator to make sure that only one user in Suite Manager is associated with a single person in eCounsel.

Why can't I login to Mitratech Document Vault?

Make sure you have a valid eCounsel account, and the account is not locked. Also, contact your eCounsel administrator to make sure the eCounsel security attribute is set to Allow for Mitratech Document Vault (at group or user level).

Why is a deleted matter still appearing in M-Files?

Although you can delete a matter in eCounsel, the matter still appears in M-Files for data integrity reasons. Once any record has been synchronized with M-Files, it will not be removed from M-Files. Status updates to the record will still occur.

Why am I getting an unspecified error (too many lookups)?

Make sure the document is not already saved to a different matter. You can only save a document to a single matter.

Why can't I change the matter name?

You cannot change the metadata such as matter name. You will get an error and must discard the changes.

Why can't I modify matters/people/entities?

eCounsel is the "system of record" for all data being synchronized with Mitratech Document Vault. Any changes to the specific data (such as name, matter type, etc) should be made in eCounsel. Use the link to eCounsel to open the record to make data changes.

Why isn't my new matter appearing in Mitratech Document Vault?

When you add a matter to eCounsel or edit an existing record, data synchronization may have a short lag time. Data is automatically refreshed with a default sync time of 15 minutes for new matters and 24 hours for any other updates. However, data can manually be refreshed at any time. For example, a user may want to add a document
to the Document Vault immediately after adding a new matter to eCounsel. To refresh the data:

  1. Click the image39.gif Refresh icon on the document Metadata card.
  2. Select the type of refresh:
    • A Quick refresh updates the system with only new matters and new objects.
    • A Full refresh is required if security updates have been made to existing records.

Why am I getting a warning that Java is not updated in the Chrome browser?

  • Make sure that the version of Java is up-to-date.
  • Enter "chrome://flags/#enable-npapi" in the Chrome browser address bar. Click the Enable link for the Enable NPAPI configuration option. Click the Relaunch button that now appears at the bottom of the configuration page. 
  • Restore the Java security prompts settings to their default values. In the Microsoft Windows Control Panel, double-click Java. On the Security tab, click the Restore Security Prompts button.
  • Add an exception for your website. On the Security tab of the Java Control Panel, click the Edit Site List button and add the web site with the https:// or http:// prefix.
  • Remove all downloaded mffta.jar resources from the Java cache. On the General tab of the Java Control Panel, click the View button for the Temporary Internet Files. Select Resources from the Show dropdown list and then delete all resources named like "mffta.jar".
  • Restart the browser application.

Why am I having connectivity issues with the M-Files Server?

If your company uses computer security software such as Websense, contact your vault administrator to add the M-Files Server to your company's list of acceptable sites. Also, make sure you log out of the Mitratech Document Vault Web client prior to closing the browser. Closing the browser without logging out may cause a delay in being able to log in again.

Why aren’t I seeing the Document Vault folder in Microsoft Outlook?

Verify that the M-Files Office Add-in has not been disabled in Microsoft Outlook.

Why is the Web Page Container Widget only appearing in popup mode?

With M-Files 2018, the Document Vault Web Page Container widget appears in popup mode, even if popup mode is disabled in Suite Manager.

To fix this issue, add the following registry keys:

  1. In the machine M-files is deployed, open the Registry Editor.
  2. Navigate to the path
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Motive\M Files\<Version>\Server\MFWA\Sites\<Site ID>
  3. Add a new String Value registry with the following information:
    Value Name: AllowCrossFrameSites
    Value type: REG_SZ
    Value Data: type the allowed sites url, for example: 
    If you are mentioning multiple sites, then they should be formatted with comma separators, for example:,,
  4. Add a new String Value registry with the following information:
    Value Name: PreventXFS
    Value Type: REG_SZ
    Value Data: False

    Note: If the PreventXFS registry already exists, verify that Value Data is set to False.
  5. Restart the M-Files Application from IIS Manager. 
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