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November 2016 - Worldview Sites, Profiles, and Security

The purpose of this webinar is to demonstrate the functionality of Suite Manager to control what users are able to see and do within Secretariat.

Topics covered in the webinar include:

  • How to use WorldViews to segment your database for users
  • Using Type Profiles as a method to ensure that entity types display pertinent information
  • Setting up View Profiles to dictate which users have access to which data fields
  • How to configure Security Groups to control what functions and data are accessible for multiple users
  • Configuring Individual Security Settings and Override Access to allow an individual user to have access above or below the settings of the group


When configuring Secretariat, it is important to remember the hierarchy of how the security preferences overlap. Additionally, when a user is a member of multiple groups the most restrictive settings across the groups apply.



  • Use Group Security to limit access to features to maintain the integrity of your data.
    • Example: Limiting access to wizards to prevent users from unknowingly making drastic changes to your database. See the green highlight in image 2.
  • Use Override Access to extend or limit a user’s ability to utilize certain functions.
    • Example: Allow a single user the ability to save public searches, allowing them to share their searches without the risk of less knowledgeable users inappropriately overwriting or saving unnecessary searches. See the dark blue highlight in Image 3 below.
  • Use multiple groups and override access to determine specific security settings for an individual user dependent on WorldView Site, job function, etc.
    • Example: Create a group to determine WorldView Site with the other security settings set to unspecified (see image 1). Create a group with security settings specific to the job function (see image 2). Notice the user permissions as a result of the group membership below, with override access in image 3.

1. WorldView Site

2. Job Function Group

3. Individual User Settings

sec2.PNG sec3.png sec4.png


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