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Questions and answers from the "Worldview Sites, Profiles, and Security" Webinar hosted by the Mitratech Client Success Team

What is the difference between a type and a view profile?

A type profile defines what information is displayed for entity types. Type profiles are the same for all users and vary by entity. View profiles are defined at the group and user level and determine what users are able to see.

In a user’s security settings, what do Inherited Access, Override Access, and Cumulative access mean?

The different access levels are defined as follows:

  • Inherited access refers to the level of access that a user is granted based on the groups of which they are a member.
  • Override Access refers to specific permissions granted to a user above or below those provided by the user’s group memberships.
  • Cumulative Access displays what level of access that user will have when they log into Secretariat.


What is the difference between a view profile and a security group?

View profiles determine what fields a user is able to see and what information is displayed. Security groups, while exhibiting some control over what users see, are more geared towards controlling the functions that users have access to perform.