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There are several search methods in Suite, including the following:


Filters can be used to search one specified field within the entire database of the active module. Access filters at the top of a module’s list page (for example, the People List page). Predefined filter searches that have been defined by the System Administrator may appear to the left of the filters.

Advanced Search

Advanced search has powerful search capabilities, allowing you to search the entire database using criteria and conditions as general or specific as you need. Not only can you search the database, but Secretariat also supports full-text search of documents either stored in the database or on a file server.

If you use search criteria regularly, Suite can store sets of search parameters just for you or in a library for all users. Additionally, reports can be generated from the Search page using the resulting records.

When searching for date/time records, if you do not enter the date format the same as specified in your preferences, Secretariat will attempt to resolve the pattern entered using MM/DD/YYYY.

Note: Suite treats the following characters as wildcard characters:

  • %
  • _
  • [
  • ]
  • ^

The following topics will help you get started using the Search module in Secretariat.

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