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Working with Crystal Reports

To Configure Crystal Reports:

The information to be entered for configuration is similar to the information entered in the database login dialog box in Crystal Reports. This information gives Suite access to the report templates. Your DBA can provide this information if necessary. Microsoft SQL Server requires all four fields; Oracle only requires the Server Name, Login, and Password fields in order to locate the database. This information must be entered on the computer of each user who will be generating Crystal Reports.

To Use Report Parameters:

When creating new Crystal Report templates for use with any Suite program, a main selection parameter usually is added to communicate with the database and to prompt users to select the appropriate record(s). The grid below provides some of the prompts/parameters available for reports. For a complete list of prompts, contact Customer Support.

Prompt Category


Database Field

List of entities



List of people



List of both people and entities



List of matters



List of invoices



List of users related to the Calendar module



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