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HotDocs Documents

Suite integrates with HotDocs® to generate documents in the Reports module.

  HotDocs is separately licensed for Suite. Contact Mitratech Support for licensing information.

Documents generated in HotDocs can be stored either on a server or in the database.
Documents stored in the database are available to users with the appropriate view profile.
Documents stored on a server computer are accessible only to users with access to the computer.

  Documents generated through Mitratech’s hosted HotDocs Server must be saved to the Documents tab in order to retain a permanent copy. The generated documents directory on the hosted HotDocs Server is purged daily.


The following requirements are necessary to generate and work with documents in Suite:

  • HotDocs Developer and Microsoft Word must be installed on each user’s computer that will be creating and publishing templates.
  • A HotDocs Server must be configured to execute the templates. Mitratech provides a hosted HotDocs Server solution. Contact Mitratech Support for more information.
  • A browser is needed to prepare the document in Suite.
  • Microsoft Word must be installed on each user’s computer that will be viewing the completed documents, which are generated as Rich Text Format (RTF) files.

Tab-specific Documents

Some of the documents available to you in the Reports module also are available from certain tabs. These tab-specific documents generate documents based on information available to that tab.

Main Selection Parameters

The main selection parameter determines the database focus. For example, to prompt a user to select a matter on which to base a document, assign SelectMatter as the main selection parameter in the template. Four main selection parameters may be used in Suite. One of these parameters must be added to a template.

Available Variables

Variables are the field codes that will pull the data into a document. Click image Variables on the Documents tab of the Reports List page to see a list of all the variables that can be used in a HotDocs template. Each variable shows any associated fields that must be used.

The variable names are placed in the appropriate text locations in the template and must be typed exactly as listed in the available variables list.

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