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  Premium Feature – Additional Purchase Required

Bridgeway E-mail Link is an Internet Message Access Protocol over SSL (IMAPS) server that allows users to create accounts in an e-mail client that then retrieves information from eCounsel to display as messages in Microsoft Outlook:

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 10.29.35 AM.png

Bridgeway E-mail Link Features

Bridgeway E-mail Link has the following features for users with accounts in Microsoft Outlook:

  • View BusinessObjects reports scheduled to be sent to a user from eCounsel and Analysis Center reports scheduled to be sent to a user from BusinessObjects BI Launch Pad.
  • View summary information concerning matters in eCounsel.
  • Browse to the specific matter record in eCounsel by clicking a link on the summary information message.
  • Attach e-mail messages to the Progress Notes tab for eCounsel matters.
  • Approve or reject invoices, or place an invoice on hold directly from the Bridgeway E-mail Link account.
  • Click on a link from an invoice summary to open eCounsel directly to an invoice for further review or disposition.
  • View attachments to the Documents tab for eCounsel invoices.
  • Customize help files for your configuration.

Bridgeway E-mail Link Requirements

  • The Bridgeway E-mail Link Server must be installed and configured for your site and be accessible from each computer that will be running Bridgeway E-mail Link in an e-mail client.
  • Bridgeway recommends integrating Bridgeway E-mail Link with a dedicated instance of Suite that is not accessed by end users to ensure high performance. This mirror deployment should not have the scheduler set to automatically start when defining the database entry.
  • The Bridgeway E-mail Link Server requires a 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE) be installed on the Operating System (OS).
  • A license key must be obtained from Bridgeway Software and configured on the Bridgeway E-mail Link Server.
  • A Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server must be available at your site to send e-mails.
  • In order for external users to interact with Bridgeway E-mail Link, a firewall rule that allows port 993 (IMAPS Listener port) must be created for external users to connect to Bridgeway E-mail Link.
  • While connecting, the mail client uses certificates generated from a Certificate Authority to secure data, necessitating the need for a digital certificate.
  • Bridgeway E-mail Link must be configured on each user’s e-mail client.
  • A document storage method must be selected in Suite Manager. All e-mail messages from the e-mail client are stored using the specified method (will not be stored in a DMS).
  • In order to view matters and invoices in Bridgeway E-mail Link, both the security attributes Access to eCounsel and Bridgeway E-mail Link for eCounsel must be set to “Allow” for the user in Suite Manager.
  • If you want to use LDAP, install and configure it prior to installing Bridgeway E-mail Link. If you want to use SSL, install all of the SSL certificates prior to installing Bridgeway E-mail Link.

I icon.jpg  If your site uses Single Sign On (SSO) through SiteMinder, Bridgeway E-mail Link does not integrate authentication with SiteMinder.

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