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PolicyHub v5.6 Release Highlights

An overview of the main enhancements added in PolicyHub v5.6 and a link to the client webinar.



Click here to view the What's new in PolicyHub 5.6 PDF

Main highlight #1: Collaborative Editing

  • PolicyHub now enables multiple users to review and edit the same document, at the same time.
  • Users can see everyone that is working on the document with them as well as the changes they are making. Edits made by other users are shown in near real-time as suggestions. Users can review each other’s changes and accept or reject them.


  • When collaborative editing is enabled, the documents open in the web browser for review.

Note: Please take note that this feature will need to be enabled by Mitratech and is only available for hosted clients. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

Note: All document editors, reviewers and approvers will need a valid Office 365 subscription to use this feature. Microsoft will validate this as part of the document editing process.

Main highlight #2: Mobile Support

  • It is now possible to access the PolicyHub Inbox from an iPhone running the latest version of Safari on iOS or an Android device running the latest version of Chrome on Android.


Note: Support includes viewing and attesting to policies, taking tests and completing questionnaires. Due to technical limitations, both review and approval workflows and feedback requests are not yet supported on mobile devices.