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Exiting Your Login Intercept Inbox

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There are two possible options for leaving the Login Intercept Inbox:

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When neither of these buttons are available, you must complete one or more Publications before you will be allowed to exit your Login Intercept Inbox and log in to Windows®. Click on

the image next to a Publication to display its due date, how many deferrals are remaining, etc. to help you determine which Publication needs your immediate attention. When you have completed all the Publications which need your immediate attention, either the Close button or the Defer button will be displayed.


The Close button is displayed when there are no items in your Login Intercept Inbox requiring your immediate attention. However, this does not necessarily mean there are no items which are due. When you have items in your Inbox, you should always deal with them before the Publication Due Date or you may be logged as noncompliant for the items in the Publication. Click the Close button to exit your Login Intercept Inbox.


The Defer button is displayed when you have been given a number of deferrals for one or more Publications in your Inbox. For each Publication, the number of remaining deferrals is displayed to the right of the Publication information pane. See "Remaining deferrals". Click the Defer button to defer all Publications which have deferrals remaining and exit your Login Intercept Inbox.

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