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PolicyHub V5.1.0 PDF Hub

PolicyHub V5.1.0 PDF Hub
PolicyHub Version 5.1.0. User Documentation

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This PDF Hub contains all documentation for the release of PolicyHub v5.1.0.

This is a general release of PolicyHub following improvements and bug fixes in the software. The release highlights include:

  • Organization and management structures are now included in the users menu so that compliance can be delegated to line managers.
  • Word templates can now be created and uploaded into the PolicyHub Library. The templates can also be sent for review before publication.
  • Workflow designs can now be copied and reused.
  • Documents can now be retracted from individual users.
  • Introduction of a new system settings menu to control manager escalation emails.
  • Provision to exclude publications sent direct to a user’s library from user group compliance reporting.
  • PolicyHub now supports English (United States) language in dialogs.
  • This release of PolicyHub supports ADFS 3.0 and ADFS 4.0.
  • This release of PolicyHub supports .NET Framework 4.6.2.
  • This release of PolicyHub supports SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server 2017.
  • This release of PolicyHub supports Windows Server 2016.
  • PolicyHub now uses the same license configuration model as DataStore DSX.
    Release Note
    System Requirements
    PolicyHub Release Notice v5.1.0. PolicyHub System Requirements v5.1.0.f
    Application Guide
    Inbox Guide
    PolicyHub Application Guide v5.1.0. PolicyHub Inbox Guide v5.1.0.
    Intercept Guide
    PolicyHub Inbox Supported Languages
    PolicyHub Login Intercept Guide v5.1.0. Contact to gain access to the Supported Languages Documents
    API Developers Guide
    API Release Note
    PolicyHub API Developers Guide v1.2.0. PolicyHub API Release Notice v1.2.0.
    ADFS Configuration Guides
    Contact to gain access to the ADFS Guides.