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PolicyHub v5.5.0 PDF Hub


PolicyHub v5.5.0 PDF Hub
PolicyHub Version 5.5.0 User Documentation.

This is a general release of PolicyHub. Please refer to the release note for improvements and bug fixes in the software.

This PDF Hub contains all documentation for the release of PolicyHub v5.5.0


Release Note

System Requirements

PolicyHub v5.5.0 Release Notice.pdf

PolicyHub System Requirements v5.5.0.pdf

Application Guide

Inbox Guide

PolicyHub Application Guide v5.5.0.pdf

PolicyHub Inbox Guide v5.5.0.pdf

Login Intercept Guide

PolicyHub Inbox Supported Languages

PolicyHub Login Intercept Guide v5.5.0.pdf

For information on the Supported Languages please contact Support at

API Release Note

API Developers Guide

Note: The changes to the API are included in the PolicyHub v5.5.0 Release Note

PolicyHub API Developers Guide v5.5.0.pdf