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OpRiskControl Release Notice v5.2.0 Addendum

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OpRiskControl®: Release Notice

Version: 5.2.0

Date of Release: 19th February 2015

Document Date: 19th February 2015

Note: This release of OpRiskControl is supported by .NET Framework 4.5.2 and ASP.Net 4.

This is a General Release of OpRiskControl following improvements to the software.

Incident Manager

This is the first release of the Incident Manager module for OpRiskControl.

Incidents are events which can disrupt business, causing delays and financial loss. Incidents can affect any part of business, such as the employees, customers, projects, budgets and equipment. Incident management is used to record Incidents which have occurred, evaluate the likelihood of recurrence and develop a list of actions which need to be completed as a result of the Incident.

Incident Manager is a new module for OpRiskControl which includes similar reporting and charting ability to OpRiskControl. Incident Manager has a similar user interface to OpRiskControl making it easy to learn for users of OpRiskControl.


Incidents can be searched by selecting up to 12 criteria.


An advanced search allows 6 more criteria to be entered.

An Incident can be linked to an existing or newly created Risk, allowing Risk Managers to view Incidents linked to a Risk and allowing Incident Managers to view the Risks associated with an Incident.

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