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Setting up SMTP

This topic details how to configure the SMTP settings for LegalHold.

What is SMTP?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an Internet standard that is used in sending and receiving emails. 

Can I Edit These Settings?

Yes, this information can be edited as long as you have administrative or IT access.

Configure the SMTP Settings

Only a system administrator or IT admin can access and edit the SMTP settings. 

Note: This setting is turned OFF by default. If it remains OFF, Legal Hold will use the hosted Mitratech mail server and all From email addresses will be addressed as "".

  1. Begin by logging in with System Admin or IT Admin credentials. Click System Settings then select the SMTP Configuration link.
  2. Select the Enable SMTP Server Configuration toggle to turn SMTP settings on.
  3. Select the Enable SSL toggle to use a secure SSL connection when emails are sent from the SMTP server.  SSL can only be used if you're using your own SMTP server to send emails from LegalHold.
  4. Fill in all of the required fields:
    • SMTP Server address
    • Port (number)
    • From and To email addresses
    • Username and password are not required fields in the current version of LegalHold, but will eventually be required. These credentials will be the same as the LegalHold login credentials.
  5. Select Test Connection to test the newly configured settings, or select Save to save the settings. 

Once this information is saved, it will auto-populate on the Hold Notices page when creating or editing a hold.

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