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LegalHold 3.0.1 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to enhancements, improvements, and resolved issues in LegalHold 3.0.1.


Enhancement: Early Termination task supports several files in a single FTP session.
Description: Now Early Termination Task can process more than one file uploaded during the same FTP session.
Tracking code: LH-11819

Enhancement: C-level Executives option in Custom Designer Report.
Description: Now, in Custom Designer Report you can search data by C-level Executives.
Tracking code: LH-11652

Bug Fixes

Issue: Custodian Import Audit.
Description: Now Custodian Import Audit Notification can process more than 2100 audit records. 
Tracking code:  LH-11602

Issue: Report Preview.
Description: On Hold Summary > Report Preview, the report data didn’t display well and Recipients Count didn’t show well on the exported CSV file.
Tracking code:  LH-11618

Issue: Hold Notice appeared truncated.
Description: The text in the hold notice was truncated when exporting a Hold Notice to PDF format.
Tracking code:  LH-11922

Issue: Invalid date format.
Description: Custodian Import Audit Notification showed an invalid date format.
Tracking code: LH-11603

Issue: Custom Report Designer ran tasks independently of schedule.
Description: We fixed an issue with Custom Report Designer, previously known as Export Tool. When a scheduled task was edited, the task ran when the user clicked Save, even when according to schedule the task wasn’t supposed to run at that moment.
Tracking code: LH-12004

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