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LegalHold 3.0.0 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to enhancements, improvements, and resolved issues in LegalHold 3.0.0.


Enhancement: Custom Designer Report improvements.
Description: We have improved the Custom Designer Report (before Export Tool) UI. Also, we introduce the following new features in the Custom Designer Report. For more information, see Export Tool.

  • A Preview button that lets you preview data in the Create Configuration window.
  • The option to export files to TXT format. 
  • A new access point for system administrators from the main menu.
  • A Download button to obtain a copy of the file that the task will generate in the format specified.

Tracking code: LH-10004, LH-10109, LH-11431, LH-11654

Enhacement: Import HR logs.
Description: We have added warning logs to the Import HR feed.
Tracking code: LH-11168

Enhancement: Enable non-respondent Custodians Workflow toggle in Custodian Reminders.
Description: Now Custodian Reminders has a new toggle named Enable Non-respondent Custodians Workflow. Use this toggle when a custodian doesn’t respond to holds so that their user is created in LegalHold.
Tracking code: LH-10982

Enhancement: Released Hold Notice.
Now you can download the Released Hold Notice as PDF. 
Tracking code: LH-10701

Enhancement: New C Level Executives toggle in Add People.
Description: We have added a new toggle and filter named C Level Executives to the Add People form. You can set people as C level executives and search for people with that attribute.
Tracking code: LH-10700

Enhancement: Notice Digest Reminders.
: Now you can select the fields to be included in the Notice Digest Reminders notification.

  • Hold number
  • Hold name
  • Matter name
  • Matter number
  • Primary contact
  • response
  • response date

Tracking code: LH-10983

Enhancement: New query options.
Description: On the LegalHold module, now you can save the following query options:

  • View preference
  • Sorting preference
  • Filters
  • Search type of the tables

Tracking code: LH-10984

Enhancement: Hold History.
Now the Hold History includes the name of the sender.
Tracking code: LH-8380

Enhancement: Collections Custodials.
Now, on Collections Custodials, you can select multiple collectors.
Tracking code: LH-9762

Enhancement: New filters for Manage Users.
Now Manage Users has more filter options. You can search a user by role and limit the search to users that are enabled.
Tracking code: LH-9923

Enhancement: PDF export.
Description: Now Hold Notice and Preservation Notice have a button to export data to a PDF file.
Tracking code: LH-11399

Enhacement: Changes to Manage Holds > Legal Staff
Description: Now, In Manage Holds > Legal Staff, you can set if you want to receive a copy of the notice from within the report.

Tracking code: LH-10115

Enhancement: Changes to People Import.
Now you can update the Department Name under the People Import.
Tracking code:  LH-11480

Enhancement: Changes to Hold Summary and Hold Notice.
Description: Now the Hold Summary Report contains who initiated the hold. Also, Preservation Notice History changed its name to Hold Notice Story.
Tracking code:  LH-11493

Enhancement: People module.
Description: Now the People module saves your latest search so that it persists when you get back to the module.
Tracking code: LH-11214

Enhancement: Custom Report search.
Description: In Custom Report, we have made the search more intuitive by providing a description. We also made some improvements to the UI.
Tracking code: LH-11588

Bug Fixes

Issue: Custom Designer Report allowed wrong schedules.
Description: Now, in the Custom Designer Report (before Export Tool) > Create Configuration, a warning message appears when a task with the wrong schedule is set. For example, a task that runs in the past. 
Tracking code:  LH-10304

Issue: Custom Designer Report errors.
Description: We resolved some issues with the Custom Designer Report (before Export Tool) in which the information couldn’t be edited, went missing, or didn’t update in the view.
Tracking code: LH-10055

Issue: Collection requests didn't let users choose collectors.
Description: We fixed an issue in which users couldn’t choose collectors from converted holds during the creation of collection requests.
Tracking code:  LH-10740

Issue: Collection requests didn't allow updates.
Description: We fixed an issue in which collection requests would not create and when attempting the same action a second time, the Collection ID would send an error message because it was not unique.
Tracking code:  LH-10749

Issue: Add People.
We solved the error that appeared when accessing Manage People > Add People > History tab.
Tracking code: LH-10617

Issue: Schedules didn't match in Custodian Reminder Email.
Description: On Schedule Task > Custodian Reminder Email > Edit, when you selected a Start Date and an End Date, Next Schedule didn’t match the dates previously selected.
Tracking code:  LH-11216

Issue: People Import compatibility.
Description: We fixed an issue with the CSV file in People Import not being compatible with the UTF-8 format.
Tracking code:  LH-11468

Issue: Preservation Notice.
Description: On the Hold configuration > Preservation Notice(s), the Preservation Notice Name and Preservation Notice Version were missing.
Tracking code: LH-8997

Issue: HR Feed reset values.
Description: We fixed an issue in which Disable SSO, Early Termination Date, and C Level Executives were reset in the People module after the HR Feed completed its process.
Tracking code: LH-11626

Issue: Empty holds couldn't be deleted.
Description: In Manage Holds, when using a Hold Template to create a hold and then trying to delete the hold without sending it to the other parties, an error was displayed and the hold couldn’t be deleted.
Tracking code: LH-11605

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