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LegalHold 3.0.0 Release Notes

This topic outlines features and issue resolutions in LegalHold version 3.0.0.


How to Read the Release Notes

The feature enhancements, known issues, and bug fixes on this page are broken down in the following way, respectively:

  • A description of the issue or feature

  • Internal tracking code

  • Salesforce case number, if applicable

  • Additional information (for features)




We introduce the following features:


  • We have improved the Custom Designer Report (before Export Tool) UI. Also, we introduce the following new features in the Custom Designer Report:

    • A Preview button that lets you preview data in the Create Configuration window.

    • The option to export files to TXT format. 

    • A new access point for system administrators from the main menu.

    • A Download button to obtain a copy of the file that the task will generate in the format specified.

Tracking code: LH-10004, LH-10109, LH-11431, LH-11654

Additional Detail: See Export Tool.


  • We have added warning logs to the Import HR feed.

Tracking code: LH-11168


  • Now Custodian Reminders has a new toggle named Enable Non-respondent Custodians Workflow. Use this toggle when a custodian doesn’t respond to holds so that their user is created in LegalHold.

Tracking code: LH-10982


  • Now you can download the Released Hold Notice as PDF. 

Tracking code: LH-10701


  • We have added a new toggle and filter named C Level Executives to the Add People form. You can set people as C level executives and search for people with that attribute.

Tracking code: LH-10700


  • Now you can select the fields to be included in the Notice Digest Reminders notification.

    • Hold number

    • Hold name

    • Matter name

    • Matter number

    • Primary contact

    • response

    • response date

Tracking code: LH-10983


  • On the LegalHold module, now you can save the following query options:

    • View preference

    • Sorting preference

    • Filters

    • Search type of the tables

Tracking code: LH-10984


  • Now the Hold History includes the name of the sender.

Tracking code: LH-8380


  • Now, on Collections Custodials, you can select multiple collectors.

Tracking code: LH-9762


  • Now Manage Users has more filter options. You can search a user by role and limit the search to users that are enabled.

Tracking code: LH-9923


  • Now Hold Notice and Preservation Notice have a button to export data to a PDF file.

Tracking code: LH-11399


  • Now, In Manage Holds > Legal Staff, you can set if you want to receive a copy of the notice from within the report.

Tracking code: LH-10115



  • Now you can update the Department Name under the People Import process.

Tracking code:  LH-11480


  • Now the Hold Summary Report contains who initiated the hold. Also, Preservation Notice History changed its name to Hold Notice Story.

Tracking code:  LH-11493


  • Now the People module saves your latest search so that it persists when you get back to the module.

Tracking code: LH-11214


  • In Custom Report Configuration, we have made the search more intuitive by providing a description. We also made some improvements to the UI.

Tracking code: LH-11588


Issues Resolution


We resolved the following issues:


  • Now, in the Custom Designer Report (before Export Tool) > Create Configuration, a warning message appears when a task with the wrong schedule is set. For example, a task that runs in the past. 

Tracking code:  LH-10304


  • We resolved some issues with the Custom Designer Report (before Export Tool) in which the information couldn’t be edited, went missing, or didn’t update in the view.

Tracking code: LH-10055


  • We fixed an issue in which users couldn’t choose collectors from converted holds during the creation of collection requests.

Tracking code:  LH-10740


  • We fixed an issue in which collection requests would not create and when attempting the same action a second time, the Collection ID would send an error message because it was not unique.

Tracking code:  LH-10749


  • We solved the error that appeared when accessing Manage People > Add People > History tab.

Tracking code: LH-10617


  • On Schedule Task > Custodian Reminder Email > Edit, when you selected a Start Date and an End Date, Next Schedule didn’t match the dates previously selected.

Tracking code:  LH-11216


  • We fixed an issue with the CSV file in People Import not being compatible with the UTF-8 format.

Tracking code:  LH-11468


  • On the Hold configuration > Preservation Notice(s), the Preservation Notice Name and Preservation Notice Version were missing.

Tracking code: LH-8997


  • We fixed an issue in which Disable SSO, Early Termination Date, and C Level Executives were reset in the People module after the HR Feed completed its process.

Tracking code: LH-11626


  • In Manage Holds, when using a Hold Template to create a hold and then trying to delete the hold without sending it to the other parties, an error was displayed and the hold couldn’t be deleted.

Tracking code: LH-11605

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