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LegalHold 3.1.0 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to enhancements, improvements, and resolved issues in LegalHold 3.1.0.


Enhancement: New Contact Me feature.
Description: We introduce Contact Me, a messages tracker between the hold issuer and the custodian. Instead of dealing with custodian informal responses, you can keep track of all messages within LegalHold. Contact Me has the following features:

  • Custodians can access Contact Me from My Holds > Notice Response.
  • Administrators can configure Contact Me in the Hold and Reminders Customization page and enable it in System Settings.
  • Hold admins and system admins can track and respond to messages in Manage Holds > Notice Response Status.
  • Custodians, hold admins, and system admins can send messages and add comments.
  • Configurable notification emails.

Tracking code: LH-9949, LH-11619, LH-11620, LH-11621, LH-11975

Enhancement: Changes to Questionnaire.
Description: Now, whenever a recipient changes their initial response to a LegalHold questionnaire, the hold issuer receives an email to let them know about the change.
Tracking code: LH-10487

Enhancement: New Questionnaire History tab.
Description: We introduce a new Questionnaire History tab in the following UIs:

  • Questionnaire History > Hold Administrator > All Active Holds View Questionnaire Response 
  • Questionnaire History > My Holds > View Questionnaire Response

Questionnaire History lets hold administrators and custodians keep track of all changes that a particular custodian has made to active hold questionnaires. 
Tracking code: LH-11740, LH-11753

Enhancement: New queries available.
Description: On the LegalHold module, now you can save the following query options:

  • View preference
  • Sorting preference
  • Filters
  • Tables search type

Tracking code: LH-10984

Enhancement: New search options in Custom Design Report.
Description: In Custom Designer Report now you can search data by C-level Executives. Also, People now contains a new field Group.
Tracking code: LH-11512, LH-11652

Enhancement: New search options in People.
Description: Now you can search People by full name. Before you could only do searches by first name or last name, not both. 
Tracking code: LH-11384

Enhancement: New views in Recipient.
We have included C-level Executives column in Add recipients and Recipients List views in Hold creation > Recipient.
Tracking code:

Bug Fixes

Issue: Security issues.
Description: We resolved some security issues.

Issue: Enable Notice Approval wasn't working as expected.
Description: We fixed an issue with Enable Notice Approval. Even though Enable Notice Approval was disabled for a particular hold, if the global setting to send approval notices for holds in General was enabled, the global setting took precedence and the notice was sent.
Tracking code: LH-9972

Issue: Toggles in Add People.
Description: In Add People, all toggles displayed Yes even though they were turned off. 
Tracking code: LH-11639

Issue: Date format.
Description: We fixed an issue with Custodian Import Audit Notification and Hold Notification email which showed an invalid date format.
Tracking code: LH-11603, LH-11844

Issue: Release Hold notice.
Description: On Released Hold > Hold Notice, Notice displayed the Release Hold notice instead of the Hold notice.
Tracking code:  LH-11934

Issue: Data export on Recipients Report.
We fixed an issue in which Holds on Recipients Report couldn’t export data to a CSV file.
Tracking code:  LH-11403

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