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LegalHold 2.9.0 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to enhancements, improvements, and resolved issues in LegalHold 2.9.0.


Enhancement: New Hold Template.
Description: We introduce the new Hold Template to manage emails and to associate groups and questionnaires. The Hold Template includes the following features:

  • The Questionnaire Template and Default Groups that are associated with the hold, in which you can sort and search specific questionnaires and groups. The Questionnaire tab is automatically filled with information, and the recipients' list is automatically filled with the People associated to the group.
  • The option to associate more questionnaire templates to the hold.
  • The option to associate groups to the hold.

Tracking code: LH-11013, LH-10331, LH-10348, LH-10362, LH-10363,LH-10364, LH-11201

Enhancement: New About icon.
Description: On the homepage, we have added an About icon and access in the top bar to provide information about the current version running.
Tracking code:  LH-10116

Enhancement: People Import.
On People Import, we have added a toggle to enable if People Import is case-sensitive.
Tracking code: LH-10034

Enhancement: LegalHold version is more available.
Description: Now the LegalHold version displays at the bottom of the pages.
Tracking code: LH-10611

Enhancement: Non-Custodial Data Source.
Description: Now Non-Custodial Data Source (ITAM) file integration has the option to set a user as a System Owner (support manager). It also lets you choose a date format per date column.
Tracking code:  LH-10613
Additional Detail: For more information, see Non-custodial Data Sources Import Setup.

Enhancement: New Non-hold admin role.
Description: We introduce a new admin role. Non-hold admin manages everything as a system administrator, except that non-hold admin cannot manage holds.
Tracking code: LH-10614

Enhancement: New preview in Hold and Preservation Notices.
Description: Now Hold Notice and Preservation Notice emails contain a preview button so that you can see a webpage with the fields that pertain to the notice and edit them accordingly.
Tracking code:  LH-9758

Enhancement: Customizations to Hold and Custodian Export Wizards.
Now Hold and Custodian Export Wizards have more customization options.

  • Toggle Prepend Filename with Date Stamp adds a timestamp to the filename that the wizard generates.
  • Toggle Concatenate Custodian’s Name concatenates the custodian name in the form: First Name + Last Name and stores the result in column Full Name.
  • Toggle Quote Results adds quotes to each file column.

Tracking code:  LH-11081

Enhancement: New options in Export Tool.
Now the Export Tool lets you do the following actions:

  • Customize the footer text. 
  • The footer has a new variable that counts the header and footer in the records total count.
  • Select only one role or profile to avoid duplication.

Tracking code: LH-11065, LH-11094

Bug Fixes

Issue: We did security updates.

Issue:  UI clarification.
Description: In Hold > Legal Staff, we changed the message from Legal Staff Name to Enter Legal Staff First Name, Last Name, or Email to provide more search options.
Tracking code:  LH-10002

Issue:  SFTP issues in People Import and Early Termination Employees tasks.
Description: In the People Import and Early Termination Employees tasks, when the user configured an FTP server with the following settings: SFTP protocol, access to a directory, for example, SFTP://, and private key authentication, a connection error occurred.
Tracking code: LH-10056

Issue: Sorting.
Description: In Manage Users, Last Login column didn’t sort records correctly.
Tracking code: LH-9998

Issue: Workflow.
Description: We fixed an issue in which releasing a hold didn’t release the custodians.
Tracking code: LH-10609

Issue: View and pagination improvements.
Description: We have added a grid with pagination for user records displayed in the TeamConnect Users table. Also, the table now can display more than 200 records.
Tracking code: LH-10716

Issue: SAML.
Description: We fixed an issue with SAML in LegalHold in which users couldn’t log in on the first attempt, but they had to refresh the login page and log in again to get access to LegalHold.
Tracking code: LH-10871

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