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LegalHold 2.8.8 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to enhancements, improvements, and resolved issues in LegalHold 2.8.8.


Enhancement: Early Termination Task.
We have added support to process files that don’t adhere to the CSV file format in the Early Termination Task. We have also added options in the FTP configuration: a date format and a flag to preprocess the file.
Tracking Code: LH-10878

Enhancement: Email enhancement.
Description: We have added a new toggle to enable sending emails to recipients that have an inactive person status.
Tracking Code: LH-10752

Enhancement: Profile Name.
Now Export Tool Wizard -> People -> Profile Name can be cloned.
Tracking Code: LH-10819

Bug Fixes

Issue: Test Connection asked for user and password.
Description: We solved an issue with the Export Tool Configuration Wizard -> Test Connection. Now, when you perform a connection test, the wizard does not request the FTP user and password if they already exist.
Tracking Code: LH-10781

Issue: Duplicate records in Export Tool.
Now, in Export Tool -> Create Configuration and  Export Tool -> Scheduled Details, after you click Save once, the Save button is disabled to avoid inserting duplicated records.
Tracking Code: LH-10780

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