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LegalHold 2.8.7 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to enhancements, improvements, and resolved issues in LegalHold 2.8.7.

Bug Fixes

Issue: Truncated records in Recipient Report.
Description: We fixed an issue in the Recipient Report in which filtering by Person Status or Department and selecting all the results would only display ten records instead of all records.
Tracking Code: LH-10673

Issue: Filters not applied in Export Tool.
We fixed an issue in the Export Tool where enabling filters for Custodian and Hold status would not persist, and instead all data was returned.
Tracking Code: LH-10686

Issue: Issues with scheduled tasks in the Export Tool.
Description: We fixed an issue where the Export Tool didn’t run when individual tasks were scheduled. 
Tracking Code: LH-10728

Issue: Released Preservation Notices search.
Description: We fixed an issue with the Released Preservation Notices search, which did not give the expected results.
Tracking code:  LH-10594

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