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LegalHold 2.8.6 Release Notes

This topic outlines features and issue resolutions in LegalHold version 2.8.6.


How to Read the Release Notes

The feature enhancements, known issues, and bug fixes on this page are broken down in the following way, respectively:

  • A description of the issue or feature

  • Internal tracking code

  • Salesforce case number, if applicable

  • Additional information (for features)




This release introduces the following features:


  • We have added another file format to the Export Tool, each field separated by a pipeline (|). The file format contains the following fields:

  1. A or R (add or release)

  2. Employee XGUID

  3. Employee First Name

  4. Employee Last Name

  5. The source of record

  6. The XGUID identifier of the record from the matter management system

  7. The type of hold (System)

  8. The matter name 


The following new fields were added to the Export Tool Wizard:


  • Date Created

  • Hold GUID

  • Release Date

  • Hold Last Sent Date

  • Recipients

  • Recipient Last Date of Modification

  • Custodian Status


Tracking code: LH-10542, LH-10543


  • Now LegalHold can send notifications of bounced back emails due to invalid email addresses without using the DKIM authentication method.

Tracking code: LH-10657


Issues Resolution


We fixed the following issues:


  • Now you can delete unsent holds with notice approval records.

Tracking code: LH-10422


  • We fixed an issue where users-mapping in LegalHold couldn’t synchronize with TeamConnect, and legalStaff was duplicated in LegalHold.

Tracking code: LH-10544


  • We fixed an issue with the recipients’ view where the date showed one day ahead of the original date in the backend.

Tracking code: LH-10474


  • We fixed an issue with the Export Tool where SFTP was not working as expected. SFTP settings were configured by using the Export Tool and SFTP would place files in a subfolder. When using this configuration, system settings would register a successful connection, however, the Export Tool showed an error and the connection failed.

Tracking code: LH-10633


  • We fixed an issue where recipients with an inactive status still were sent hold notices.

Tracking code: LH-10634


  • We fixed an issue in which releasing a hold didn’t release the custodians.

Tracking code: LH-10609

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