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Security for standalone holds

How to add matter types while creating new users?

Go to Manage Users Add User. 

Fill the required fields in the new user form such as Email, Associated person, Password and the Roles to associate. Here in this page, the new field Matter Types allows adding the matter types to provide access restricting other matter types. And click Save.

If a user is assigned to any Matter Types, it means that user can have access only to those Matter types that can add/see Holds. The rest of the holds with other matter types are restricted to display.

How to edit matter types for existing users?

Go to Manage Users . From the user’s list, select the user to modify.

Here in this page, you can modify the Matter Types added before and click Save.

Legal Hold Admin user with Matter type assigned

An Legal Hold Admin user can have access to assigned matter type, unless he is a super hold user.

The admin user can only have access to assign that particular matter type, while creating a hold.

The Active Holds page and Released Holds page will reflect the security matter type.

Matter type in Hold Reports

If an Admin user is assigned with a particular matter type, the user can access the hold reports that are associated with the assigned matter type only.

To see this go to ReportsReports tab. Choose an report from the list.

Under the Matter Type field, you can see only the assigned matter type.

You can also verify this by generating a report, click Generate Report.

Matter security to the custom report designer

If any particular matter type is assigned to an admin user, that user will only have access to that matter type. For example, an admin user assigned with Dispute Matter type will only be able to access that type.
You can see the following user is assigned with Dispute Matter Type.

Create a new Custom Report Designer

User can apply required fields and filters as shown: 


From the Custom Reports list, you can download the report by clicking the download icon.

According to the downloaded report, these Holds fall under the Dispute matter type.

You can verify this by accessing the Hold from The All Active Hold list.

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