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Run the Non-custodial Collections by Hold Report

This page details how to run the Non-custodial Collections by Hold report and what types of information can be found in the report.

What Information Does the Non-custodial Collections by Hold Report Provide?

Running this report returns information concerning the collection of data from systems such as an email server, Human Resources application, etc., for a specified hold or holds.

Run the Non-custodial Collections by Hold Report

Note: You will not be able to report on holds that are attached to Private Matters unless you have permissions to view the private matter.

  1. Log into LegalHold as an administrator, click Reports, then select Non-custodial Collections by Hold Report.
  2. Filter the relevant information using the Hold Status and Matter Type drop-down filters. 
  3. Repeat this until you've selected all of the holds on which you want to report, then select the Generate Report button. 


Note: To report on all holds, do not enter criteria in Step 2, then select the records you want to appear on the report prior to selecting the Generate Report button.

The Report Preview will appear at the bottom of the screen. Export the information by clicking the Export PDF or Export CSV buttons in the Report Preview view.


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