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Create a New Hold from TeamConnect and Sync to LegalHold

This topic details how to create a new hold from with TeamConnect and add the hold details in the LegalHold system.

Before you Begin

You must have access to an open matter in order to create a hold for that matter. The Legal Hold tab appears after a matter is created, saved or opened.

Create a New Hold in TeamConnect

Note: A matter must be created and saved before a legal hold can be added. 

  1. Create a new matter and save it, or open an existing matter and select the Legal Hold tab in the left menu.
  2. View open matters on this hold or select the New Hold button.
  3. Type a name, identifier, and priority for the hold, then select Ok
  4. Once you select Ok, you'll be redirected to the LegalHold system.
    If creating a hold from within TeamConnect, the Hold Summary page will auto-populate the following fields: Matter Name, Matter ID, Matter Type or Category, Jurisdiction, Description, and Primary Internal Contact.
  5. Finish the workflow in the LegalHold system. See Creating a New Hold in LegalHold for instructions for this workflow.  
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