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People Import Setup

This topic details how to run or stop this task and how to configure or edit the schedule.

What is People Import?

People Import is an automated way for your site to synchronize people records in LegalHold from an output file from your on-site Human Resources (HR) application that maintains people records.

Automate the Process of Importing People

The most recent file uploaded to the path set in the People Import task will be imported into LegalHold at the specified date/time in the task. 

Edit the People Import Schedule

The instructions below detail how to edit the schedule that people are imported from an on-site HR system:

  1. From the Home page, select the Scheduled Task icon
  2. Find People Import in the Task Name column, then click the edit icon in the Actions column.

    Note: If the task is currently running on a schedule, you must stop the scheduled before you can edit it. Simply select the Stop icon in the Actions column, then select the Edit icon.
  3. Edit the FTP settings if needed and select Continue.lh_people_import_sftp_new.png

    Note that if the file to be imported uses a pipe (|) delimiter instead of a comma delimiter, enable the File is Pipe Delimited option.
  4. Edit the schedule then click Schedule. All fields are required on this screen. 


Specify a Private Key for Connecting to the FTP Account

If your site requires a private key to access the FTP account, select the Authenticate using Private Key toggle and type the text for the key used to connect to the FTP account. Select Continue.

Specify a Private Key for PGP Decryption of Data

If your site encrypts the people data and LegalHold must decrypt the information, select the PGP Decryption toggle and type the text for the key used to decrypt the data. Select Continue.


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