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Notice Approval Workflow

This topic provides details about the new workflow introduced named Notice Approval Workflow.

Notice Approval Workflow is a process that will allow the user to send the text of the notice to any person. For example: the primary attorney for approval. It would help the users ensure that the notice's text and content are accurate and correct.

A notice approver can edit the text and update the template while approving the notice. However, to add/remove custodians from a hold notice, the approver needs proper rights in the system, such as Hold admin or any role with Hold permissions. Legal staff are automatically assigned the role of Notice approver when they are added as approvers and can see the My Approvals tiles, just like the custodian sees the My holds tile.

How to Enable Notice Approval Workflow

To enable Notice Approval workflow from Global Setting, Go to System Settings → Hold and Reminder Customizations → Enable/Disable Notice Approval toggle to turn it ON/OFF. Additionally, you can enable/disable it at the hold level (hold by hold).

To enable the Notice Approval workflow, click the manage Holds tab → select Hold Notice Step → select the Enable Notice Approval (Approval Details) button.

History of Approval Process

The Notice Approval Workflow has a page that lists the history of the approval process transitions and notices status. This allows the user to monitor data about the approval, for example:

  • Date and time of approval request?
  • Who raised the approval request?
  • Whether the approval status is pending or approved?
  • When and who changed the approval status from pending to approved?
  • When and who removed the approval process?

How to see the Approval History ?

To see the Approval History, click the manage Holds tab → Click Hold Notice Step → Click the Approval Details link next to Enable Notice Approval.



Or click My Approvals tile → select Approved option from the drop down list → you can see the Approval history from the Notice Edit/Approve page.

Filter for Pending Approval Holds

The new filter that passes through the Notice Approval workflow allows the user to filter holds with Pending Approval and Approved status.

To access this filter, click Manage Holds → All Active Holds → From the dropdown list, select the Pending Approval or Approved status.




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